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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

The best way to answer this question is to understand what it is you need help with. If you are needing healing and /or suffering from depression or other mental health related trauma then you need a therapist to help with the healing process. If you are seeking to grow your mindset and discover your full potential (or yourself again) then life coaching is the perfect fit.

I feel like I have been a life coach my entire life, the go-to-person to discuss problems and to brain storm with. I decided to make it official and  have become a certified life coach in several areas; professional life coaching, goal success coaching, confidence and growth mindset coaching, and hypnosis. I am continuing my studies in other areas of interest such as NLP CBT, REBT so I can help more people, with more tools on a wider range of levels.

I truly believe we learn by doing, by trial and error, and I believe my personal experience shapes my views making them unique to my tools and strategies that I use. I know that not every method helps every person, therefore I use a wide array of tools to help my clients and customers using different approaches to give them a better chance at improving their personal development in their specified area.

Excellent question. When choosing a coach to help you through life changes it is incredibly important to have a connection with your coach. To help you discover if I’m right for you, you can grab my complimentary empowering self-awareness course, shop my low cost self-help products, or test the waters by booking a one-on-one session. 

Commonly asked questions about coaching and self-help personal development products. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have and check out my work with me page.

You can find all my self-paced, personal development and positive mental health products on Etsy at the  LivingABossLifeShop

Yes, I do. Our personal development products are designed to allow you to work on your mindset at your own pace. The empowering self-awareness course is self-paced as well. I hope to add more courses shortly on our new mobile friendly app (coming soon).

A session (60 minutes/ one hour) costs $68. Sessions may be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. One-on-one sessions are available at a limited capacity. Please refer to my work with me page for more details.

Once an initial session is completed and we have deciphered where the main objective of coaching will be, it will be easier to decipher how many sessions will be needed and develop a package specifically made for you. Coaching package options will be delivered to you after initial session. 

If you have paid $68 CAD for your first session, you can apply it to your coaching package total price within 30 days of the coaching session. The reason for the limited time frame is that goals and thought processes change over time, in order for our coaching sessions to be the most effective our initial session needs to be fresh in your mind. 

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