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Have you ever asked yourself: how does gratitude affect our attitude? Have you ever noticed that Gratitude and Attitude have a lot in common? It certainly goes beyond spelling and rhyming. Gratitude has a lot to do with our attitude! In fact, gratitude can shape our entire outlook on life and the attitude we use when we respond to situations. We can learn to change our attitude to a gratitude attitude!

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Losing sight of a gratitude attitude

We can fall into the slump of seeing things that are not going as planned and we can lose sight of the things that we are grateful for. 

It can happen to anyone. In fact, it happens to every single person at some point in their life. 

Once we fall into the pit it can be tricky to pull ourselves back out. Once we do we should make ourselves a backup plan in case we lose sight of gratitude again. Check out my article on The Positive Attitude Survival Kit.

The most important thing you need to know going forward if you have lost sight of your gratitude attitude is to forgive yourself! It is okay, we all experience and we all struggle. You are human and you deserve forgiveness.

Gratitude & Attitude are not challenges, they are choices.- Robert Braathe How Does Gratitude Affect Our Attitude? Read more about making the choice for gratitude at the livingabosslife.com

How does gratitude affect our attitude?

Practicing gratitude can really help our minds find the beauty and the good in the world around us. It doesn’t have to take you hours and it doesn’t have to be some elaborate plan. 

It needs some consistency and it needs an open accepting mind.

It can be simple or it can be a completely dedicated time that you commit to.  It’s up to you and what you can fit in.

When we find that we are grateful for the things in our lives we appreciate them and we don’t take them for granted. This allows us to see how fortunate we are and open our hearts to security and content.

One of the biggest problems in our world is greed. We see it in every aspect of the world’s suffering. The need for wanting more and more has become overpowering and it is breaking civilization down.

We have the power to change that by changing our own views on gratitude and passing that on to future generations. If you are a parent teach your children the benefits of gratitude and how it affects our attitude.

This is so very important we must not lose sight of the truly important things in life and want better for all people of the world whether it benefits you or not.

Gratitude Attitude! How does gratitude affect our attitude? You know those annoyingly happy people you don't get? They might just happen to have a Gratitude Attitude! These 9 tips can help you sharpen up your gratitude attitude and focus on the things that truly matter each day! #MentalHealth #Affirmations #Gratitude #Attitude #Positivity #GratitudeAttitude #Happiness #Journal 

Gratitude Attitude Tips & Ideas

One of the biggest concerns of today is losing ourselves on social media. When we get caught up in the heat of things we can lose our temper and it just seems so much easier on Social Media. We also see people posting all the amazing things, amazing homes and cars etc. this can also affect our attitude for gratitude.

So why not start there, with social media. Share something with your friends that you are grateful for. It can be something kind that someone did for you (opened the door for you at the store), it could be enjoying a coffee on your deck in your yard.

Start a gratitude chain. One of my favourites is when people post a picture of something beautiful they saw or they love and ask others to share one of their own too. Sometimes pictures are worth a million words.

Often times on social media your friends will interact with those types of posts and your gratitude attitude will go forward onto others while building yours up too. 

Make gratitude circles a thing in your home. When you gather around the table why not share one good thing that happened today with the ones you love.

Even if they had a bad day hearing that something good happened can really help one’s attitude. I’m sure you heard “misery loves company” so does happiness and gratitude! Why not feed into positivity instead.

Text a friend and tell them something that made you laugh, smile or melt your heart.

Tell your friends and loved ones that they are appreciated, it’s really sad how many people don’t hear those words often enough.

Show your gratitude to others, sometimes giving gratitude can be more powerful than receiving. Be sure to check out my Acts Of Kindness Article for some ideas!

Gratitude affirmations are empowering as well you read 37 gratitude affirmations here and you can grab my 365 days of affirmations from my Etsy shop.

Journaling gratitude can be amazing too! However, this takes a bit more dedication if you plan to do it daily. 

I have done the “grab a notebook, let it be my gratitude journal” thing before and I admit I usually forget about it in the hustle and bustle of the day. I knew I needed something that fit into my schedule better and was at my fingertips rather than another thing to pull out and contend with. 

That, my friend, is why I developed the following tools:

Introducing the Mindfulness Tracker and Planner, a self-care tracker and planner all in one.If you are ready to stay organized with your day-to-day life while tracking your mindfulness then this is just the right planner for you!Staying organized is hella important but practicing mindfulness is too!That is why this planner is filled with reminders to be grateful, helpful reminders to stay on task and practice self-care and acknowledgement of your hard work!Printable 8.5x11Available in Print PDF, PNG, JPEG.Check out what's inside:-monthly un-dated calendar-2-page weekly at a glance planner-daily tracker-mood tracker-diet tracker-water intake-gratitude check-in,-healthy habits,-exercise-outdoors-self-care-mental break-and more-daily planner-hourly planner-daily affirmation-top priorities-notes-self-care check-in-weekly home planner-shopping-top priorities-chores-meals at a glance

Mindfulness Tracker & Planner

This daily, weekly, monthly planner prompts you daily on gratitude, self-care and keeps you on track with your schedule. 


Are you getting enough self-care?I know you have lots to do but you need to be recharged and rejuvenated to increase productivity.What's included in the daily printable planner sheet:-checklist for to-do-time slots for meetings and appointments-top priorities of the day-space for notes-gratitude check-in-self-care check-in-water intake tracking-meal planning #EtsyShop #PersonalDevelopmentProducts #PositiveMentalHealth #Planners #Printable #DailyPlanner #PrintableDailyPlanner #Calendars #Journals Ebooks #LivingABossLifeShop

The Daily Self-Care Planner Sheet

This daily planner sheet can help you stay on task and track your gratitude. Perfect for those looking for a one-sheet planner!


What's inside The Happiness Journal 30 Day Challenge-Each page is beautifully designed to help you find the moments worth focusing on and highlighting.-Each page comes with an inspirational quote or a helpful daily tipEach day consists of 3 pages:-a prompting page with questions to help get you thinking,-a space to capture an image with a photo or drawing-place to set a new daily goal for happiness,-a full page for your daily inspired journal entry.with daily inspirational quotes and tips!Yes, that's right, the journal includes 3 gorgeous pages for each daily entry to help you find the best way to share your creativity. 

The Happiness Journal & Bonus eBook

The happiness journal is a more in-depth journey into your happiness. Also includes my free eBook with tips on happy healthy living.


Grow Your Gratitude Attitude

I hope you find these 9 hot tips on Gratitude Attitude helpful. Be sure to take some time each day to practice one of these tips or one that you have discovered on your own. Let some happiness in and enjoy the glowing in your heart.

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As always thank you so much for being here, wishing you and yours nothing but the very best!

Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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