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Are you ready to level up in life but not sure how to set goals that change your life? I get it, it can be overwhelming yet we have this ping of desire to achieve something great. We all have goals, sometimes they are the butterflies in your stomach over doing something that excites you. Large or small it an amazing idea to have life-changing goals!

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

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I’m so excited to have you here. My goal is to help women reach the point where they can feel truly confident, happy in their lives, mindful each day, and reach their full potential. In order to do this, I sell digital, printable self-help workbooks on Etsy!

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Know what you want to change in your life

It seems like it is such a simple thing to say what we want in life, but truth be told finding clarity can be rather difficult for most people. Often times we confuse societal pressures with what we truly want as well.

This is probably the most critical step to setting life-changing goals, if you do not find clarity and discover what you truly want then once you get to the finish line it may not feel as rewarding as you had hoped.

Knowing that you do not need to wait until you have achieved this goal this to be happy right now is also beneficial.

A few great ideas to help you discover goals that change your life is to work on a wheel of life, brainstorm, do a life satisfaction assessment, or work with a life coach, like me.

Second, on setting life-changing goals is to dream BIG!!

This is something that a lot of people will tell you NOT to do! I say “Why the hell not?” If no one dreamed big in this world we would not be where we are today. Absolutely amazing life-changing things happen when we allow ourselves to dream and set goals that change our life no matter how far away they seem to be.

Some people are very good at this but the number one group of people who rock this are children!

They are fearless and imaginative and have such a wonder of the world. They have no idea how brave they are and their innocence allows them to believe they can be anything they want to be. If only we could hold that fearlessness throughout our entire life.

Unfortunately, life is full of little obstacles that seed doubt into our minds and over time we lose confidence, and limiting beliefs stop us from daring to dream.

If you are looking for a self-help product for eliminating beliefs or building your confidence please check out my shop, my workbooks, guides and journals are very powerful in helping you take your mindset to an empowering one.

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Get your life-changing goal out of your head!

Alright, I kinda pulled a headline grab there, didn’t I? Well now that I have your attention and curiosity let’s get back to it. The absolute #1 mistake people make when setting goals is…

Drumroll please…

…they do not write down their goals! You, my dear friend, can not find clarity without substantiation. I can not tell you how many times an idea pops into my mind and it sounds absolutely amazing as I watch it play out in my mind. AND THEN, I sit to write it down, and Ummm, ok ya, not so much.

I love having a dream journal, I used to think that dream journals were for dreams like literally sleeping dreams. The realization that a Dream journal could be for my goals was so exciting. I can write down everything no matter how scary, how big, how crazy, how small, how unsure I was, I could write it down and think of ways to achieve it.

Set more than one goal at a time

Something most people do not talk about is to set more than one life-changing goal at a time, perhaps it is my personality but I think setting more than one goal in different areas of your life is beneficial. When we are working on one aspect of our life that we want to change, we need to remember that it will cause changes in other parts of our lives too.

Playing a bit of fortune teller in setting goals that change your life by looking at what areas may be affected is a great way to change some habits and add in additional goals. I’m not telling you to have to set multiple huge goals, I’m telling you to look for other goals you already have on your list that could be accomplished too while working on your main life-changing goal.

Sometimes later never comes! Don't wait for later when it comes to your goals and what you want in life. Say what you need say, do what you need to do, reach for what you want and don't wait. #Goals #SettingGoals #LifeChangingGoals #GoalsThatChangeYourLife #HowToSetGoals #RoadMapToSuccess

Take your life-changing goal and crumble it!

There I go again with my headlines, eh? Haha. Seriously though take that life-changing goal and crumble it into tiny little fragments of steps you can take to get there.

Looking at the small picture rather than the huge end goal 1, 3, 5, or even 10 years down the road is a lot less overwhelming and will help you stay on task and know when to redirect your efforts and shift gears.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither should your life-changing goals plan be. This is also a great approach if you struggle with clarity.

During the process of achieving the small goals, you may realize that the goals that change your life you always dreamed of were not what you actually wanted but they are a bit different. In this case, you can take all that you learned up to this point and shift gears.

Reassessing the goals that change your life

There are two points I want to make here that are esential to your life-changing goals. First, you must reassess each time you achieve one of the crumbs of the goals that change your life.

  • Did this small goal bring you closer?
  • Did this goal go as expected?
  • What strengths did you gain?
  • What weaknesses did you discover?
  • What can you build on from here?
  • What shift can you make?
  • Is your big goal still relevant?

The second part of this reassessment is to defy failure. Most people fear failure, I have been one of those people and it often hides in our limiting beliefs.

We may have failed at something before and given up but reassessing those situations and finding out what didn’t work will help you find the path to success. Always face failure as a stepping stone that will lead to great life-changing goals, not as an obstacle that stops you in your tracks.

Keep moving forward with action on your life-changing goals

Many times people start working on their goals and lose motivation to keep going and wane from the end when they truly are on the brink of success or even clarity.

This can happen as we discussed before because they realize they did not actually want the goal, they faced an obstacle that held them up, limiting beliefs stepped in, lack of confidence overruled and they didn’t take the time to reassess the goal.

Pack your bags for the journey of your lifetime! These 7 tips to setting life-changing goals will help you find clarity and successfully set goals that you will conquer. Get started today. Read more at livingabosslife.com #Goals #SettingGoals #LifeChangingGoals #GoalsThatChangeYourLife #HowToSetGoals #RoadMapToSuccess

Are you ready to level up with life-changing goals?

The tips that I have given up to now show you the path to achieving goals that change your life, if it seems too overwhelming go back to step one and start again. Your success is worth it and changing your life can be completely motivating. Define what you want your life to be like in the end and keep taking action.

If things get tough keep going and moving forward. Ask for help, use an accountablility partner, hire a goal stratgesist life coach, do whatever it takes to keep moving forward and not give up.

You can grab a free copy of My Goals Workbook to help you start breaking down your life-changing goal. Check out the article How to conquer your goals and What are SMART goals?

I hope these 7 tips to setting goals that change your life inspire you to start working on yours!

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

Living A Boss Life

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

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