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Strong healthy relationships are key in our lives. Our relationships may have been strained over these past two years, whether it be because of differing opinions or just not being able to connect in person. It’s hard not to let all the stress play a factor in the health of relationships. 

Are you doing what you need to do to keep your relationships strong and healthy?

We all have relationships of all sizes in our lives, many we choose to keep and maintain. Often times the ones that we have lost leave a little pinch of pain in our hearts.

So how do we know if we are doing what we can to maintain our relationships?

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Are you doing your part to keep your relationships strong & healthy?

Are our relationships toxic

Do our relationships help build our confidence?

Does worrying about what other people think, ruin my success & continue toxicity in my relationships?

There are many things to consider in our relationships. Let’s look at a few tips you can use for strengthening your relationships and ensuring you are doing your part!

Are you doing your part to keep your relationships strong & healthy? These 3 skills are paramount to any relationship in your life! #RelationshipQuotes #CommunicationQuotes #BuildingStrongHealthyRelationships #Relationships #StrongRelationships #CommunicationSkills

Strong Healthy relationships consists of balance and support from both sides

One-sided relationships are not healthy. We need to be dependable. 

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be there not only when it is convenient for you.

Look at your relationships and consider whether you are there when needed or if you are there when you need them.

Could you be more supportive?

Could you show your appreciation better?

Sometimes we go through rough patches and we may lean a bit more than we hold up and that is ok too. Just make sure you are aware of it, acknowledge it, appreciate it, and don’t take it for granted. 

It is incredibly important to dig deep and self-reflect on this factor to build strong healthy relationships. It can be very difficult to do this self-examination but it should be the first step.

Once you have completed your self-assessment of your support if you are comfortable share it with your loved one. Do your views add up? Ask them to assess their part of the relationship as well. Are there things you can work on together? Are you being overly critical of yourselves?

Building Strong Healthy Relationships With Language

I think another extremely important thing to remember is to watch our language, truly think before speaking and when messaging consider your language before you hit send. 

If you’re angry about something unrelated perhaps now is not the best time to answer that text. Cool off and think before you reply.

Words can dig deep and leave lasting scars. Use them with kindness and thoughtfulness.  

Some of our most powerful memories unfortunately are ones that caused us embarrassment, shame and pain. We take these with us through life and they affect our choices and our interactions.

Before responding ask yourself if you want to be that pain that someone carries with them even if for a day.

Language can also be very positive. Make sure you tell your loved ones how valuable they are too! Tell them how much you appreciate them and show them that you care.

This is also a great step to bring up some wonderful memories you have had and treasure them. Send them a random message that shares a moment in time you had together.

Are You Reaching Out To Build Strong Healthy Relationships?

Reach out. Are you always on the receiving or the giving end?

When we feel relationships are under strain, we need to put them on top priority and give them some love. 

This can be difficult, I think we all have relationships where we are stuck in someone’s timetable and if it does not work for them then they have no time for us. In that situation being the one to reach can hurt when ignored. Set some boundaries in these relationships.

Open up communications and tell them how you feel. Perhaps they don’t even see it themselves.

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Strong Healthy Relationships Thrive With Listening Skills

We are all to blame for this at some point in time. Whether it is the kids coming home from school telling you one million things at once while you try to decide what to make for dinner or your spouse calling while someone comes to the door. We all have moments in time when we choose to shut off our listening side.

In today’s day and age we have a lot of sound going on in the background, we easily get caught up in information overload and can struggle to disconnect and find calm in our minds.

Close the tabs, listen up, really pay attention to the conversation.

Our relationships need full-on attention and it can be really hard. Give it a try, force your mind to be quiet and focus on their words and body language. Listen with your mind and heart.

I think these 3 tips can help us ensure we are doing our part in our relationships no matter what type of relationship they are

"The Strength & Health Of Any Relationship Relies On Communication." -Jenn Summers #RelationshipQuotes #CommunicationQuotes #BuildingStrongHealthyRelationships #Relationships #StrongRelationships #CommunicationSkills

Strong Healthy Relationships Recap

Let’s work our way backwards, listening skills are paramount to keeping a healthy relationship, really listen and try to imagine what they are feeling. Engaging in your relationships is very important and listening is top of the list! Reaching out rather than waiting for the reach to come your way. Take a look at your relationships do you fit this category anywhere, are you the one always reaching out? Make sure to open communication on this. Language, language, language. Always think before you react, choose words carefully and think about what you say and how it will affect the future of your relationship.

If you have made it this far you probably realize that everything in this strong healthy relationship-building article revolves around communication! Communication is the key to great relationships, keep working on all your communication skills and keep building strong healthy relationships!

Take care and chat soon!

Love your guts,

Jenn Summers


Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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