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At 4 am this morning I was putting away the dishes waiting for my coffee to finish brewing playing a mini “lottery game” in my mind.

If you do not know what the lottery game is, it is a fun little game my family and I use to allow ourselves to dream and set goals. Sometimes it even sparks goal achievement celebration ideas.

This morning I was thinking “hmmm, I wonder what happens to these people who win the lottery, do they change their lives? Do they start new paths?” and it struck me…

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So, here we are talking about why winning the lottery won’t make you rich.

You are now either intrigued or thinking this girl is bat shit crazy, either way I hope you stick around to hear me out.

Have you ever wondered…

  • What happens to these people who win the lottery?
  • What are they doing now?
  • Why don’t we hear about how they are living at the top?
  • How did they change their lives?

It seems to me, they win the money and before you know it they are back to normal life. At least that is what I have seen in the lives of lottery winners I personally have observed.

We all love to dream of winning the lottery, but have you wondered why some people were not able to change their lives with the winnings? Let's talk money mindset and why you should work on yours BEFORE you get rich #GetRichStayRich #MoneyMindset #WinningTheLottery #ManifestingMoney 

So, what the hell happened? Where did all the money go? Why didn’t winning the lottery make them rich?

Playing “the lottery game” has always been something I like to do.  I recommend it to my clients, in my courses, in my products and on the blog, social media and the living a boss life weekly newsletter. It is seriously an amazing game you need to check it out, not the lotto itself but the game my family and I like to play.

It is tons of fun and can really get your money mindset pumped up and ready to roar. Daydreaming allows us to sort through our dream and goals and determine things we truly want in life. So beware of things your creative mind is reaching for when playing the lottery game. 

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So why do I think winning the lottery won’t change your financial life?

That sounds bewildering I know, so let’s picture it. 

Meet Bob. 

  • Bob’s finances are struggling. 
  • Meeting all the bills every month is a burden and sometimes not possible for Bob. 
  • Bob chooses groceries over a utility bill this month. 
  • Bob’s credit cards are high one is even at its max limit. 
  • Bob missed a payment more than once so Bob has to pay the top interest rate of 29.9%.  
  • Bob has always had trouble with money. 
  • Bob wants to buy things on payday but Bob gets a bit carried away and shorts himself on his bills. 
  • Bob has several loans and a mortgage. 
  • Bob works hard for his money but has no savings. 
  • Bob does not have a money mindset.   

In all honesty, I feel like Bob and I have a bit too much in common. I think a lot of people in the world do too. Now here lies the problem, the true reason why winning the lottery won’t change your financial life, why winning the lottery doesn’t have the beautiful success stories we envision in our minds for the lotto winners.

Most people lack a money mindset.

  • Bob buys a lottery ticket.
  • Bob wins the lottery.
  • Bob pays off some debt, perhaps he buys a new home or maybe a new vehicle.
  • Bob will be smart with his money.
  • He is going to put some money into savings and he is going to be set for life.
  • Bob might even quit his job or take a month off and take a holiday.
  • Bob has big plans. 
Our money-mindset will either sabotage us or help us reach the most impressive goals imaginable. Sometimes our money mindset is needs a bit of revamping and encouragement. Read this article about why winning the lottery won't make you rich if you don't change your financial mindset! Make it a habit to ask yourself "Does this support the Life I am trying to create?"

Bob does NOT know how to manage finances, Bob does NOT have a money mindset. 

In just a few short years Bob is back to working hard, Bob’s savings account dwindled away with unplanned borrowing here and there. Bob is starting to build debt again. Bob is struggling financially.

Gosh, that breaks my heart. Poor Bob finally got his chance and it was wonderful and then it was not. Perhaps that is why they say money can’t buy happiness

Just like all things in life if we do not prepare for them and if we do not build our mindset to accept them we can not achieve them. When these amazing experiences happen we will not be empowered by them instead they will slip through our fingers escaping us. 

Some people search for happiness all their life and never find it, but it was within their reach the whole time if only they started to live in the present moment and practice gratitude.

Some people dream of being rich their whole life and succeed. It is within each and every one of our grasps. Now if you have been hopping around on my blog or reading my weekly emails you know that financially I grew up in a home where finances were always a struggle. Money was the “root to all evil” and money caused a world of trouble etc. Yep, lot’s of limiting beliefs right there.

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Changing my mind has taken a lot of work especially since my husband has a very similar money mindset. But it is something I work on and know that it is vital to our business’s future and to the wellbeing of our family.

One big reason why winning the lottery won’t change Bob’s life is that Bob did not work for it, Bob did not earn it. Bob went to the store and bought a ticket and luck made Bob a winner.

  • Bob has no real connection with his money mindset to know how to disperse and to get the most out of his money.
  • Bob secretly tells himself that he is broke and in debt and worries about bills all the time.
  • Bob’s critic is still there no matter how much money Bob has won.
  • Bob’s fixed mindset has played out his future of spent lottery winnings and back to his normal life of struggling.
  • Bob believes he is a failure whether he knows he believes it or not. 

So how can Bob get rich and stay rich by winning the lottery? Building A Money Mindset

Bob needs to start changing his mind, develop his growth mindset, right now before he wins the lottery. 

Bob needs to find a way to start getting debt-free and learning how to save the money to plan for the future. 

Bob needs to do this before he wins the lottery. This takes years of training and years of hard work. But Bob can start making progress quickly if he starts working on his money mindset right now.

What can Bob do to get rid and stay rich when he wins the lottery?

  • Bob can forget all the limiting beliefs he heard as a child and into adulthood, the ones he even says himself now.
  • Bob can start to practice saying good things about money, money affirmations if you will. I am saving for my future. I am money conscientious. 
  • Bob can forget and forgive all the mistakes he made financially in the past. The past is the past and living in regret will not buy you happiness. 
  • Bob can be grateful for what he has and practice gratitude every day.
  • Bob can realize he has a lot of materialistic things and free himself of some financial burdens. 
  • Bob can remember what he is worth and ask for a raise or look for a job that pays his value.
  • Bob can be confident that he has what it takes to make a good income and be financially free. 
  • Bob can set big goals and stay motivated in his financial journey. 

Bob needs to know that every single one of us was born rich, it is not a skill that you either have or you do not have, it is not about being born into royalty or into a horror family. It is about your mindset and how you choose to allow it to grow. 

Just like all things in life if we do not prepare for them and if we do not build our mindset to accept them we can not achieve them. When these amazing experiences happen we will not be empowered by them instead they will slip through our fingers escaping us. #GetRichStayRich #MoneyMindset #WinningTheLottery #ManifestingMoney 

Winning the lottery and your money mindset

If you believe in your success and you believe you can live the life you dream of you can make it happen. You don’t need the lottery to get rich but now you know why winning the lottery won’t change your financial life, unless you are ready for it mentally.

The next time you play the lottery game make a plan that ultimately changes your future, see what things you can start working on right now. Focus on manifesting money while changing your money mindset and be rich without the need for the lottery.

Just like all things in life we need to appreciate, be grateful and be mindful of the world around us. Only when we can find inner peace and happiness within will be able to truly do the most with our lives.

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

Living A Boss Life

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

Living A Boss Life

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

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