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Living A Boss Life
Helping Empower Women With Confidence, Clarity & Discovery

Welcome to Living A Boss Life With Jenn Summers!

I help empower women to find confidence themselves a positive mindset happiness clarity

Hi, I'm Jenn.

I teach women to empower themselves by helping them to build their confidence, find clarity and discover their purpose.

These 3 Core Elements are essential to success!

A Little Bit About Me

Hey there, I’m Jenn Summers! I’m a mother to 3 beautiful little girls including twins! My little family keeps me busy.

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves to help others grow their confidence, clarity and (re)discover themselves.

In the past 7 years we have experienced pain and hardship in our struggle to fight for our daughters needs.

There have been time when my confidence ceased to exist and imposter syndrome engulfed my mind. 

I invite you on my personal journey to change my mindset and allow yours to grow with me. 

Becoming a life coach, a confidence coach and goal strategist coach has opened my mind to all new possibilities. 

I want to help you find the inner you I somehow lost in myself when I became a mother.

Let’s empower ourselves for all the great things we have been dreaming of! 

I believe in you!

It’s time you do too!

Are you ready to change your life?

Do you feel like...

-all your amazing ideas constantly get put on the back burner?

-you are jumping from one shiny object to the next?

-your lack of confidence is holding you back from the success you deserve?

-you lack the clarity for setting goals?

-you have not found your purpose or lost it?

What if I told you all you had to do was change your mind ?

The #1 obstacle for achieving success is due to a lack of empowering the growth mindset!

Our minds are powerful and with the right techniques and strategies we can become unstoppable!

Our coaching philosophy centres around the 3 Core Elements: Confidence, Clarity And Discovery. 

Each of these are essential to our success and we can not have one without the other!

relaxing and finding confidence

Invoke the power of your mind!

Confidence comes from within, it is not hereditary or genetic.

It is rather the outcome of what we practice on a daily basis. 

We can build our confidence by using self-love / self-care practices.

We can build our confidence by celebrating our successes.

By celebrating our successes, big or small, we acknowledge our triumphs and build up the confidence to try new things.

We can build our confidence by utilizing appropriate affirmations on a daily basis.

We can build our confidence by reframing our mindsets from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

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Stress & anxiety have you down?

When times get tough it is not always easy to see the positive in all the negative.

I promise you there is always something good hidden in these difficult times. 

I want to share these affirmations with you that have helped me when I needed it the most in hopes they help you too!

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Helping Empower Women With Confidence, Clarity and Discovery

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