Hello and welcome to Living A Boss Life, I’m Jenn Summers! I’m a Goal Strategist Life Coach and my passion is helping women become empowered to achieve great success!

My goal is to help you make your dreams a reality.

At Living A Boss Life we strive to help you achieve your goals by eliminating procrastination, empowering yourself, creating independence, clarity and confidence.

Above all else, setting clear concise goals with actionable steps.

Helping you succeed is what drives me to keep pushing forward! Nothing makes me more excited than helping someone reach that AHA moment and giving them the tools to achieve their potential!

If you feel…

  • like you have lost your identity,
  • as if you can never get things done in a timely fashion,
  • as though you shift from one shiny object to the next,
  • or that you have lost your self-identity

then you have come to the right place!

Let me help build you up! By building others up, we too achieve our greatest success.

We build strong lasting connections by helping to empower others.

There is success in numbers and accountability is a great way to gain that success.

Living a boss life with Jenn Summers helps you to find confidence, clarity and self-identity. Let's empower you to achieving your goals successfully.

The 3 Keys to Empowering Success In Our Living A Boss Life Coaching System


Building confidence and eliminating self-doubt allows us to aim high in our goals. Building our belief system and changing our mindset enables us to envision the success we truly desire.

Limiting beliefs are one of the core issues that prevent women from achieving their goals. I want to rid you of those confidence blocking obstacles and help you to see YOU ARE ENOUGH!


In finding confidence we find clarity. Clarity is a major key to achieving our biggest hopes and dreams.

Once you realize your true potential the clarity of your life purpose will wash over you and planning your goals strategically will become easier and easier.


There is nothing that makes a goal-getter more proficient at achieving their goals then feeling empowered and unstoppable.

I want you to feel empowered so you gain back your independence you may feel you have lost.

In empowerment, we find our self-identity with confidence and clarity. It is then that we can truly find our purpose. Watch out world! Here we come!

Why I Do What I Do On Living A Boss Life

Nothing in this world makes me feel as successful and driven as when I help someone gain clarity.

Seeing the spark in their eyes hearing the enthusiasm in their voice makes it a triumphant moment of glory for both of us!

Teaching others to build their core elements is at the heart of our coaching strategy at The Living A Boss Life Tribe Academy.

I, myself, lost my identity after having children and doubted who I truly was. Being an entrepreneur I knew I had to be clear, concise and confident.

After learning new ways to build my confidence, eliminate distractions and set clear concise goals I began my journey helping others. I had found my true purpose in life!

Start Building Your Core Elements Today With Our Complimentary Empowering Self-Awareness Course

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If you feel 

  • stuck in a rut,
  • you lack confidence,
  • you can’t find the clarity,
  • you don’t have what it takes,
  • fear of taking action

then this Complimentary Module will help you to empower your awareness so you can feel

  • unstoppable,
  • focused
  • enlightened
  • confident
  • recharged

Goal Strategist Life Coaching

As a Goal Strategist Coach, my mission is to help women who have lost themselves in the wake of putting others first. To empower women to gain back their independence and rediscover their self-identity. Building confidence builds clarity and in clarity, we can find purpose.

As a Goal Strategist Life Coach, my mission is to help women who have lost themselves in the wake of putting others first.

To empower women to gain back their independence and rediscover their self-identity.

Building confidence builds clarity and in clarity, we can find purpose.

Once these core elements are met setting actionable goals becomes second nature and I will help you to devise your plan for success!

With commitment and accountability, we can achieve great things together. Let me help you make your dreams a reality so you can start Living A Boss Life!

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Jenn Summers

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Living a boss life with Jenn Summers. Empowering women to gain clarity and confidence to successfully achieve their goals. Goal Strategist Coach.
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