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I want you to have an amazing stress-free Christmas, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Christmas is just around the corner, and many people have struggled this year all around the world.

It can be very challenging to leave the negative behind and find the positive in everyday life let alone the holidays. Here are my 5 tips for a stress-free Christmas.

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5 tips for a stress-free Christmas

5 Tips To A Stress Free Christmas! The holidays can be hard but they don't have to be, use these tips to make the most out of this holiday season!

Let go of expectations

This is honestly something we should practice every day of our lives to live a stress-reduced life but at Christmas, it is even more important and this year it might be the most important time yet. 

With travel bands and limited size bubbles, it can be extremely hard to plan what Christmas might look like for you. 

Elsa had it right in Frozen, a great holiday movie for the whole family I might add, Let it go!

You can not predict where we will be this Christmas and you can not allow your expectations of other people to take over your Christmas plans.

We are all dealing with the situation in our own unique way. 

Often times we think of Christmas and overload ourselves with responsibility and planning the perfect holiday in our minds. We may plan it so well yet we may not tell anyone our fairytale plan.

Let go of expectations from others and from yourself to enjoy a stress-free Christmas holiday season. Do not overload yourself with expectations either enjoy yourself and those around you. Once we let go we can fully enjoy Christmas.

Then if and when things do not go as planned we get stressed out and we lose the cheer of the holidays. 

Do not overload yourself with expectations, allow yourself the time to enjoy the day, maybe meal prep the day before or serve finger food instead of a 5-hour feast.

Expect that the unexpected will happen and expect to go with the flow.

Give with the expectation of getting nothing in return.

I truly wish this was the nature I was brought up with but it wasn’t. It is the nature in which I teach to my children now. Many times I have been left feeling guilty because of an unexpected gift arriving when I never bought anything in return.

Or feeling shunned when I gave a heartfelt gift and got nothing in return or having the gift torn apart and even tossed in the garbage right in from of my own eyes.

I have let go of the expectation of other people’s actions and reactions because people are unpredictable and that is something I can not control.

Remember what you can control to have a stress-free Christmas

This brings us to tip number two, remember what you can control. The only things in life that we have complete control over is ourselves, our emotions, our reactions, and our actions.

It is essential to remember what you can control! The only parts of life that we are in control of is our own actions, reactions, feelings and behaviours. We can not change the world outside of us or control others, making this discovery will change your life. 

That’s it, if you did not know that yet then please take this with you today. It was something that changed my entire outlook on life.

Once we realize we can not control the world around us or the people around us, life gets filled with opportunities and we find an inner peace we did not know existed.

Just like letting go of expectations, letting go of things you can not control will allow you to enjoy the time you have right now, the present moment. 

Let go of time

Letting go of time for a stress-free Christmas is another huge mental milestone. Christmas may be December 25th and I’m sure in your past Christmases that date has not worked well for all celebrations with those you love.

Once we let go of time and remember that Christmas is not a specific day or a specific time we can then let go of time and enjoy the festivities to their full potential. 

Learn to let go of time, routine and schedules when you are trying to be more present and enjoy the moment at hand. This is key to a stress-free Christmas holiday season.

That’s not the only part of ‘time’ you should let go. I used to exhaust myself with waking up extra early and planning our Christmas step by step on a schedule.

Sure I didn’t time block the shit out of it but I had a plan for time and how and when things should be done. It was a recipe for disaster and it killed the holiday spirit for me and sometimes the spirit of those around me. 

Being present is essential to a stress-free Christmas

There is nothing more important than just being present. Be in the moment, stop thinking about what is next and just take it all in right here and right now.

If you find your anxiety building try this proven breathing technique and allow yourself to shift into the present. 

Be present in the moment by utilizing your 5 senses to take it all in. 

Use your senses to draw you into the moment.

  • Breathe in the smell of the Christmas tree, or maybe the hot chocolate.
  • Feel the warmth of the fire or of a hug from a loved one.
  • Watch those around you smile and match their smiles too.
  • Enjoy the taste of a candy cane.
  • Listen to the laughs and excitement.

Let Your Heart Be Full

The last and final tip I have for you is to allow your heart to be full. Open it up to those around you and open it up to yourself. If things do not go as expected do not allow it to close you off emotionally, physically or mentally.

Count to five and change the mood by taking action in a way that will make your heart happy. 

Let your heart be full of happiness, joy, peace, tranquillity. Take it all in with gratitude.

I really love the idea of practicing self-care on Christmas Day. Even if it is just a few minutes of the day it is great to remember self-love. Perhaps writing in your gratitude journal or maybe doing a gratitude circle with those you love. 

Gratitude circle 

It doesn’t matter where you are or if you are in a circle, just ask those around you to say one thing they are grateful for today. If they are not sure come back to them and allow someone else to go.

Don’t make it formal or a must. This is a great little way to get everyone feeling positive and happy and digging deep to find happiness if they are struggling.

We do this quite often around our house and sometimes it can stretch on for quite a while. The best part is I’m the only one who knows that I’m starting a gratitude circle so there is no pressure and it turns into a fun game.

Enjoy Your Stress-Free Christmas

As you may have noticed these 5 tips all lead into one another, so, let’s take a quick review of them.

Letting go of expectations on yourself and on others around you prevents disappointment and overloading responsibility.

It also helps us to remember that we are only able to control the things within our own being and not those around us.

Because we are focusing on enjoying a stress-free Christmas this is the perfect time to let go of time and not to put extra pressure on ourselves with schedules or trying to meet everyone else’s schedule to our own.

When we let go of time it opens the door for us to be present. Tomorrow is tomorrow and this moment we will never get back so live in it. Make memories you can draw upon in your future.

Last of all, allow your heart to fill with love, joy, and happiness in the moments you are experiencing right now.

These five tips of course can be used at any time of the year, and I highly recommend doing so!

When you feel yourself getting anxious, overwhelmed or stressed, stop what you are doing and pretend it is your stress-free Christmas and you will enjoy the moment and get grounded with happiness. 

Write this list down:

  • Let go of expectations
  • Remember what you can control
  • Let go of time
  • Be present
  • Let your heart be full

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5 tips for a stress-free Christmas and how to use them to make this the best holiday season you have ever had! These tips are so practical you start implementing them in your everyday life too!

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

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Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

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