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One thing that always puts a smile on my face is putting a smile on someone else’s face with a random act of kindness. It is incredibly easy to add a spark of happiness into someone’s day. The more often you are kind to others the more natural it becomes.

It’s easier to be happy within yourself as well when you are sharing acts of kindness with others around you.

This year I celebrated my 35th birthday. To me, 35 seems like a fabulous age, a marking of maturity and experience. It was like a switch of confidence in my knowledge dinged on. This year is going to be amazing and the best year yet.

One act of kindness can go a long way. My birthday challenge this year was 35 random acts of kindness which marks one act for each of my years of life. Join the random acts of kindness challenge to spark your inner happiness and help create a wave of love! Find details about our 7-day acts of kindness challenge inside!

The morning of my birthday during my daydreaming session (aka my morning shower) an idea popped into my head.

I would practice one act of kindness for each year of my life. I wanted to choose people who I did not know or at least did not know very well personally. These acts of kindness would be random, genuine and empowering.

I was beyond excited and decided to take action right away. Not only did I think this was a marvellous idea for myself but for others too and my excitement made me explode with happiness and ambition.

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The Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge

The challenge was for me at first, I was still building it in my own head but then I remembered Facebook had been asking me for over a week to pick a charity for donations on behalf of my birthday. Thinking of this is what brought me to come up with the challenge.

Want to join our acts of kindness challenge? Keep reading!

Not only can I choose to do one act of kindness for each of my birthdays but I could ask my friends to join me by doing one act of act kindness each too. Wow, we could reach huge amounts of people! Dream big!

I shared a post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with my birthday request. I was beyond excited and started getting my 35 underway.

The challenge is for you to choose a random act of kindness for someone that will benefit you in no way personally besides that it will give you joy and happiness to see them smile.

Acts of kindness do not need to be extravagant here is a list of some ideas you can try:

  • give a stranger a compliment (hair, shoes, item of clothing)
  • write positive sticky notes and leave in places to be found
  • Make kindness rocks
  • hold a door open for someone else
  • write an email acknowledging someone’s hard work
  • acknowledge others with a comment or a shoutout
  • leave your change in the drive-thru for the next person
  • let someone go ahead of you at the checkout
  • SMILE at someone, super easy right?!
  • call someone you have not called in along time
  • write a letter to someone you admire

As you can see something as simple as smiling can brighten another person’s day. Or maybe you want to do a bit more for someone special…

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My Random Acts Of Kindness Birthday Gift

My enthusiasm was not lost on my children or my husband, they were quite intrigued by my excitement and joy. I was definitely contagious and loving every moment of it.

My girls decided they wanted to do some random acts of kindness too. This made me so very proud.

They brainstormed and came up with amazing ideas. I had to remind them a few times it does not have to be complex or cost money. They did wonderfully and one month later they are still trying little acts of kindness.

Even Josh got in on the random acts of kindness challenge. I have to admit I was surprised, not because my husband is not generous or kind, but it just didn’t occur to me that he would want to jump on board one of my challenges, haha.

My birthday was absolutely perfect. My heart was full. It did not take some spectacular party or some expensive gift to make it the most memorable birthday of my life. Instead, it was sharing happiness and a #WaveOfLove and #RandomActsOfKindness Not even the pandemic could stop it from being the best birthday ever.

We all know that the best gifts come straight form the heart. But did you know that an act of kindness is a gift too. Not only is it a gift to the person you give it to but it is also a gift to yourself. Read more about the best gift I ever gave at livingabosslife.com

It was truly the most perfect gift I ever received or ever gave. Not only did it affect others around me but I was engulfed in happiness too.

Some of my acts of kindness were so random to complete strangers and allowed no opportunity for them to respond and yet the joy I received was empowering.

Feelings leave a lasting effect in our subconscious mind and imprint into our memories. Our emotional brain is affected and we act upon the stimuli. No gift can replicate the feeling you get when you give happiness. And that is what random acts of kindness are… tiny gifts of happiness.

What makes a random acts of kindness challenge special?

The thing is that a lot of us do acts of kindness day in and day out but because we live in a world that is constantly on the go and so intertwined yet so disconnected they do not always have the same effect.

Why you ask, it is because we, ourselves, often take them for granted, “it was the nice thing to do” and then we do not acknowledge them. Or other people take them for granted as part of our everyday contribution to life.

When we do not acknowledge our own acts of kindness they do not generate any empowering feelings within ourselves and therefore they do not bestow a long-lasting effect on our emotions.

In order to activate our limbic system, we must notice the act of kindness for what it is, and allow our emotional brain to reap the rewards.

This is the only thing, if anything, we should expect back from our random acts of kindness.

When we commit to doing a ‘random acts of kindness’ challenge we are forcing ourselves to acknowledge our actions. When we acknowledge them for what they truly are we feel the power of our emotions kick in.

The funny thing is my husband pointed it out to me that I, myself, do random acts of kindness every day unbeknownst to me. This was something I too overlooked and I treasure his insight into this. It really got my brain thinking about how we can do more kindness in the world and be kinder to ourselves too.

Acts of kindness are a form of self-care and they help build your confidence and make you happier.

Are you up for the challenge?

I would love for you to join the random acts of kindness challenge! All you need to do is one act of kindness and spread the wave of love.

If you have a birthday coming up go ahead and use my idea and share it with your friends too! I would love for you to tag me in it on any of your social media posts, you can also use #ActsOfKindnessBirthdayChallenge (yes I know super long but totally worth it hahaha)

In fact, I’m building a little challenge you can hop onto as well. Sign up to join the challenge below and once all the finishing touches are in place you will receive access to our FREE 7-Day Acts Of Kindness Challenge!

I hope to see you there! If not, don’t let it stop you from making acts of kindness a part of your happiness routine! Don’t forget to acknowledge your acts and feel empowered emotionally!

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

Living A Boss Life

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

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