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Today I would like to welcome guest blogger and productivity pro- Kasey Evans from TPF – That Productive Feeling. I’m so glad to have you here Kasey and I’m so excited for my readers to get a taste of your writing and tips.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the best version of yourself? To go to bed each night feeling satisfied with what you have accomplished in a day?

That Productive Feeling is a blog with greta tips and tricks to managing time and learning the the keys to productivity.Thank you Kasey Evans for guest blogging on livingabosslife.com
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What does being a productive person mean?

Productivity is often thrown around as a lofty ideal we should all strive to attain. But what does being a productive person mean exactly?

Productivity is defined in the dictionary as a measure of efficiency in converting inputs into outputs. Simply put, being a productive person means being able to convert small amounts of effort and time into large rewards.

We all have the same 24 hours. What differs is how we use those 24 hours efficiently and effectively.

If you constantly feel overwhelmed by the daunting amount of tasks you have to do or if you feel that there is too much to do in too little time, why not try out these 6 easy steps to add to your daily routine that will help you to lead a more productive life?

Adding these 6 small changes to your daily routine would help you to use the time you have more efficiently, allowing you to achieve more with what you already have!

6 Easy Steps To Being More Productive

1. Set Your Goals

I like to start my day off with a to-do list. Some people prefer to write a to-do list the night before while others prefer to write their to-do list the first thing in the morning.

Choose whichever works better for you. What is more important is what you put on your to-do list.

Your to-do list should comprise the tasks that you aim to achieve for the day. That means setting realistic goals that can be achieved within a day.

If you have a large project, break it down into smaller sizable actions that you can do within a day. For example, instead of writing down the large and daunting task of “building a shed”, I would break it down into actions such as “buying the materials needed to build a shed”, “drawing up the blueprint of the shed”, “building the frame of the shed”, “building the walls of the shed” and “painting the shed”. Now I have 5 smaller actionable tasks that I could split across different days.

Having a to-do list gives your day direction. Now, you can spend less time thinking and start working on the things you need to do!

2. Focusing On One Task At A Time

This may sound counterintuitive but multitasking is terrible for productivity. You might think that you are saving time by multitasking. Unfortunately, the reality is that you’re probably wasting more time multitasking.

Studies have shown that people are generally quite bad at multitasking. We simply aren’t wired that way.

What people commonly think of multitasking is actually the rapid shifting of attention from one task to another. This wastes more time as we need to orient ourselves with each shift in attention and we also tend to produce more sloppy work because our attention is divided.

Instead, block out the time to focus on one task on your to-do list. Tackling your tasks one task at a time is also a lot less overwhelming.

3. Scheduling Breaks

We are not machines. That means that we need breaks in order to perform at our optimal capacity.

Getting enough rest is important to continue functioning at our full mental capacity.

By setting scheduled breaks, we prevent impromptu breaks that often have no time limit.

I like to follow the Pomodoro method to structure my breaks. According to the Pomodoro method, it is recommended to take 5-minute breaks after every 20 minutes of work. After 4 sets of Pomodoros (20 minutes work + 5 minutes break), you are allowed to take a 15-minute break.

Remember to set a timer so that you don’t forget to get back to work!

4. Minimize Distractions

We all know how distracting a pinging phone is. Between social media, group chats and emails, our phones can draw our attention away from the task at hand.

If you’re like me and you lack the self-discipline to put your phone away, why not download blocking apps that stop you from using your phone or accessing certain sites? This way we no longer have to rely on our tenuous self-discipline to stay focused.

Try to find a quiet area with little people to do your work.

If that is impossible, I have found that earplugs work great in a pinch. They are also incredibly affordable and can have a significant impact on helping you to concentrate on your work.

5. Lighting

Not many people are aware of how important having the proper lighting is. Improper lighting can make you feel drowsy and cause headaches.

Lighting can be in the form of a window that brings in sunlight, ceiling lights or desk lights depending on the flexibility you have to change your environment.

Try to look for lights that are cool rather than warm.

The placement of the lights is also an important thing to consider. There should be sufficient light in the room as well as on the paper or computer that you are looking at. This can be achieved with a desk lamp.

6. Adopting The Right Mindset

Lastly, relax! Too often we stress ourselves out by demanding too much from ourselves. While it is good to take pride in our work, perfectionism is fatal to productivity.

Instead, enjoy the process of completing the tasks. Revel in the new knowledge that you learn.

There is fun in learning and doing.

By adopting the right mindset, you’ll be more likely to find joy in completing the tasks you have for each day and you’ll find yourself being more motivated to accomplish more.

Leading a Productive Life

Nothing feels better than that productive feeling. By implementing these 6 changes to your daily life, you will be able to tackle your to-do list with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Being more productive allows you to do more in less time, leaving you with time to do things that matter.

What are your favourite productivity secrets?

About The Author

That Productive Feeling is a blog with greta tips and tricks to managing time and learning the the keys to productivity.Thank you Kasey Evans for guest blogging on livingabosslife.com

Hello, I’m Kasey and I write about productivity tips, time management strategies and secrets on how to lead your best life.

The idea to start a website on productivity and time management came to me when I was a graduate student struggling to cope with my thesis and part-time jobs. I looked at people who seemed to have it all and wondered how they managed to accomplish the things they do when we all have the same amount of time in a day.

That sparked my interest in researching productivity tips and time management strategies so that I can maximize the time that I have and accomplish more with the resources I had available.

After years of trial and error, I finally found the best ways to organize my life and work more efficiently. I would love to share what I have learnt so that you can join me in my journey to be more productive.

If you would like to learn more about how to unlock your potential and be the best version of yourself, check out my site at http://www.thatproductivefeeling.com or follow me at Facebook or Pinterest!

By Kasey Evans

That Productive Feeling

That Productive Feeling is a blog with greta tips and tricks to managing time and learning the the keys to productivity.Thank you Kasey Evans for guest blogging on livingabosslife.com

Huge Thank You to Kasey from That Productive Feeling

Thank you, Kasey, for the awesome guest post, it has been amazing to have you! I feel like crushing many goals today. Thanks for the great tips.

Be sure to check out Kasey’s blog, The Productive Feeling, for many more great tips and tricks!

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