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Let’s go over a few ways to add some fun, laughter, and smiles back into your life! Things have been very high stress for people all around the world for the past two years, but stress has been a major health contributor for decades. This is a light article with 7 fun ideas to bring laughter into your life.

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Bring Laughter into your life with a dance party!

I can’t tell you how much I love a good old spontaneous dance party! It doesn’t matter if you are doing chores or cooking a meal, we all need a little dance break now and then.

Not only do my kids look completely shocked, perhaps mortified hahaha, when dishwashing gets a soapy microphone and some exclusive dance moves rocking in the kitchen, but it feels so good to feel the music.

Give it a try turn on your playlist and enjoy the music and forget everything else for a bit!

Use your voice to bring some fun with singing

I love to sing. I don’t have an award-winning voice, but I sure loved karaoke night back in my younger days. Now and then I sing in the shower.

Sometimes I sing extremely loud and crazy to get my kids laughing. Music does something to our hearts that is so grounding we should not dismiss it as a key to bring laughter into our lives.

Sing along to your favourite tunes and have some fun. Music is versatile and all around us. Allow yourself to enjoy it.

Bring Laughter into your life with these 7 fun ideas! Things have been very high stress for people all around the world for the past two years, but stress has been a major health contributor for decades. 

Scare the laughter out of someone?

Here me out, I love to scare people! I know, I know that might sound mean, but it’s not, really hahaha.

My whole family has enjoyed the scares over the years, so we all do it now.

Hear someone about to come into a room? Hide around the corner and “AHHHH” at them! You catch my drift.

I must say, I’m well known in my house for lurking away somewhere waiting for the unexpected to walk into sight.

Did you know even getting scared yourself can give you a boost too? Yep, it sure can. Adding a bit of adrenaline to the mix increases hormones that give us a feel good vibe.

What about pranks for bringing laughter into your life?

Ok, we honestly don’t do many pranks per se around here but we have known my kids to do the good old “The toilet is smoking” (toilet paper rolls joke) or “Come quick the water is running out of the bathroom!” (water bottles in running shoes).

Most of our prank laughter comes from casting YouTube pranks on our living room t.v. and hoping we don’t fall for any of them as the kids take notes, haha.

Our girls also love to do magic tricks and these can bring laughter as well. A bit of mystery is always fun.

Bring laughter into your life with comedy!

It’s easy to find a show or movie in the comedy genre, especially with streaming networks like Netflix and Amazon. Pop some popcorn, grab a drink and get ready for the laughs.

There is nothing wrong with taking some downtime and adding some laughter to your day! I truly wish it did not take me so long to learn that!

Bring the laughter with jokes!

I always loved telling jokes. As a kid, I used to save all the jokes I heard and every night at the supper table I would tell my grandparents my jokes, I would make up new ones, and I would be all sorts of silly.

Sometimes I would play the organ and make up songs to make them laugh. Or get my grandmother to dance in the kitchen with me.

I loved making them laugh. I loved seeing the twinkle in their eyes and watching them try to make me laugh in return. I wish I could tell you how much that filled my heart with joy.

Laughter is always will be the best therapy. -Audrey Hepburn

"Laughter is and always will be the best form of therapy." -Audrey Hepburn. Bring Laughter into your life with these 7 fun ideas! #LaughterQuote #HappinessQuotes #Quotes #QuotesForTheHeart #ClassicQuotes

Bring laughter into your life by being young at heart

No matter how old you are, there is always room for laughter and for play. Life goes by too quickly to miss these moments. So just let loose and be silly sometimes!

There is a lot of seriousness in the world today, so let your fun-side show.

Play with accents or funny noises, make faces, dress up, learn a card trick. Share your laughter with the children in your life! Make normal routine things fun.

My girls love story time because I’m rather dramatic. I make up silly voices, use dramatic touches and turn the book into a memorable fun time. I must admit I have had a sore throat/ voice loss after quite a few Robert Munsch books, haha!

Have any fun ideas to bring laughter into your life?

What about you? How do you bring laughter into your life? Do you love to be the funny person? Or do you prefer others making you laugh?

Obviously laughter is not for all occasions. But there is always time to add some into your life.

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I hope you laugh a plenty and have joy in your heart.

Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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