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Excuse me! What did you just say?!? 6 reasons to change your tune, aka change your self-talk! Negative self-talk just might be sabotaging your success.

So what exactly do you say to yourself?

Did you know that the biggest problem with confidence and not achieving our goals and dreams in life is the shit that comes out of our own mouths!

It’s common knowledge that we are often our most critical source and our inner critic can talk us out of anything faster than anyone else. It’s really hard to beat when the hurtful words are coming from the inside, am I right?

It’s true, so listen up before you tear yourself down any further.

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Let’s chat about self-talk…

The way you talk to yourself affects every aspect of your life

It impacts how you act, how you feel and how you perform

It affects your motivation, perseverance, confidence and your stress levels!

If we continue to tear ourselves down from the inside out we can’t build ourselves up or protect ourselves from the critics & toxic people within our environment. 

So, as you can see your self-talk needs to change in order to overcome the self-doubt, limiting beliefs and sabotage of your success.

Here are 6 simple techniques to help you improve your self-talk.

Excuse me! What did you just say?!? 6 ways to combat negative self-talk that is sabotaging your success! What is your inner critic saying to you? Are you affecting your own confidence, self-esteem and success more than you know? Use these 6 tips to change your self-talk into a more empowering one. #SelfTalk #SelfConfidence #LimitingBeliefs #Confidence #SelfDoubt #Relationships #InnerCritic #SelfEsteem #PersonalDevelopment #MentalHealth

Self-Talk Tip Number 1 Positivity Bootcamp

When you have a negative thought, say “Stop!” I know, I know, I know sounds too easy but it works! 

This can help you retrain your brain to positive thinking. The first step in doing that is acknowledging the critic and what it is saying and then putting a stop to them.

I want you to remember one thing when you are stopping your inner critic in its tracks:

Remember it is not you!

That inner voice is your fixed mindset and you CAN change it with practice and some hard work!

Self-Talk Tip 2 Challenging fear

If you haven’t read my article Challenge the fear of failure, channel a 2-year-old mindset I highly suggest you check it out! 

We are surrounded by a lot of negative space in our lives and being positive is like a shun in some environments/ cultures.

Once we try to look at things with more positivity, more assessing/critical thinking to solve problems and with an open accepting view, we are able to see many more perspectives than we could prior and that is groundbreaking.

Self-Talk tip 3 to stop sabotaging your success: You talk

We all have heard of affirmations, many of us have tried them a few times too. Let’s look at this a bit more right now and how it can help you to stop sabotaging your success. 

Talk to yourself in the second person with confidence-building words when I say this I mean tell yourself the things you would tell someone you love unconditionally and never hurt! 

Oftentimes we are more protective over others than our own mental health and confidence. Me! Totally me. It took having my children to realize it.

It doesn’t have to be hard just use words like: “You can do this” ” You are strong” “You are beautiful” “Good morning gorgeous” or grab my one full year of affirmations in the Etsy shop for only $6.79. Remember affirmations take practice & routine read more here & enjoy 37 gratitude affirmations.

Self-Talk Tip 4 Be Bossy, take control.

Sometimes we need to be firm and push ourselves to get going in the right direction. Especially when we are trying to make life-changing goals! So be bossy, tell yourself what you need to do and kick your ass into it. 

Don’t be afraid of lists but don’t let them get too long. Pick three tasks that work towards your goal and hit them. If your goal is to change your self-talk then your tasks may consist of writing 3 new affirmations, discovering a limiting belief and reading a personal development book etc. 

It doesn’t need to be complicated it just needs to be planned. You can always reassess later down the road.

Self-Talk Tip #5 Connect body & mind

There is more than one way to connect the body & mind, I have talked about it with mind & body exercises and mental health detoxes for the mind but there is more you can do as well.

We can use body language and movement to connect the mind & body. When we add physical movements into our thinking and speaking it makes it even stronger and more everlasting. It tells our brain that we are acting at this moment and it takes notice.

Our brain substantiates it as true. Consider the smile experiment, for example, putting on a smile whether it is fake or not increases dopamine levels over a few minutes. Dopamine is our happiness chemical.

Self-Talk Tip #6 Create voices in your environment that support your positive self-talk

Our environments affect a lot about our lives and so do the people within our environments.

The way others talk about you impacts how you talk to yourself. what is your inner critic saying to you? Does it sound like someone you know? Often times the most negative thoughts we have about ourselves come from those that are in our bubble.

Surround yourself with those who are positive and happy and respect you. You are worth much more and you deserve to be treated as such.

Our relationships should support our confidence, whether it be your significant other, family and friends or mentors and coaches.

Which reminds me if you or someone you know is looking for a man’s perspective on mental health and wellness I invite you to check out my friend and fellow bloggers’ website that focuses on men’s mental health.

Try your best to distance yourself from those who tear you down. Limiting that communication can help you to change your self-talk.

"It's not what we say out loud that determines our lives, it's what we whisper to ourselves that has the most power" #SelfTalkQuote #Quote #SelfEsteem #ConfidenceQuote #PersonalDevelopment #MentalHealth #SelfTalk #SelfConfidence #LimitingBeliefs #Confidence #SelfDoubt #Relationships #InnerCritic #SelfEsteem

Change your self-talk for your success

I hope these quick tips give you an insight into what your inner critic has been saying and how you can help to eliminate that negative thinking in your life by beginning on working on your own self-talk.

Stop those negative thoughts in their tracks, don’t be afraid to challenge your inner courageous self, use affirmations to support your new beliefs, set goals and plan them out, connect your mind and body, and perhaps most important of all, surround yourself with others who support your self-talk.

Thank you so much for coming today. Don’t forget to check the Etsy shop for related workbooks, planners and personal development tools.

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Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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