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Confidence is one of those things that many entrepreneurs struggle with. Heck, I think every woman on this planet has struggled with confidence at one time or another. Unfortunately, it can be an ongoing dilemma. Especially when it comes to confidence and your business!

Confidence and your business, confidence in your business and confidence in yourself are essential to reaching success. Let’s dig deeper!

I have always had a passion for writing and wrote mini-novels at a young age. However, I had no confidence to show anyone what I was working on.

One day I started a blog and I can still remember how it felt when my website went live. I was so worried about judgement and about failure and my lack of confidence held me back.

But I had taken the first step!

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Confidence and my business

In early 2020 an author invited me to join in on a collaboration to write a book. Me! Being an author, collaborating with some of the greatest minds in the entrepreneurial world of coaches! I was floored.

Part of me, that inner critic, was telling me there was no way I could get my piece added into the collaboration. There was no way they would want what I had to contribute. Please check out my article Girl, I wasn’t born with it either if your self-doubt tends to hold you back from doing the things you dream of.

Then my growth mindset kicked in and I remembered how far I have come and how even if I do not make it into the publication I would never know if I didn’t try!

I took action immediately, telling myself “Confidence and your business is essential!” I submitted my piece and I waited…

Well, this week my #1 bestseller arrived in paperback, my piece is third in the book! I can not begin to tell you how proud I am for taking another small step in my journey to building my confidence.

If I had never taken action I never would have become a bestselling author!

Confidence and your business: Stop making this #1 mistake sabotaging entrepreneurs' success! 1 Copy of Copy of SSS Pink Palm Facebook Post Templates Living A Boss Life Let's talk about the importance of confidence and your business. Stop making this #1 mistake sabotaging entrepreneurs' success!

Do you need a confidence boost?

I have created a free confidence self-assessment to help you gain clarity on where you are at with your level of confidence. This beautiful workbook is available for printable or can be used on your favourite device. Grab our Complimentary Confidence Self-Assessment Workbook!

How confidence and your business go hand in hand!

The number one obstacle that holds entrepreneurs back is a lack of confidence! They can want something so bad and feel it deep inside of themselves with every fibre of their being but they lack the confidence and soon the overwhelming sense of change takes up space and success is halted.

Being confident in yourself is essential when you are trying to be the best version of yourself, the version you truly deserve to be!

Without confidence, it is easy to become burnt out in your career, which is becoming an extreme issue with remote work increasing around the world.

Building your business requires action. Success is not something that appears out of thin air or is granted by a wish. Success comes from hard work and determination, but you need the core elements to get there.

Let's talk 'confidence and your business'! Are you ready to reach the potential that you truly deserve? Let's talk about the importance of confidence and your business, along with the # 1 mistake holding you back! #LimitingBeliefs #Goals #SelfBelief #SelfEsteem #FearOfFailure

How Taking Small Actions Can Build Your Confidence and Your Business

As the old saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.” But sometimes you’re simply overwhelmed by the ongoing list of things to do.

If your list is a mile long it will be overwhelming and you will not know where to start. Procrastination will set in, self-doubt will ooze into your mind and before you know it you will be at a standstill. If you find yourself burnt out, see some tips on how to avoid it in our work from home burnout article here.

It’s not about moving mountains in the course of a day or taking over the world of business in a single year.

Success in business comes by taking small actions daily.

More importantly, these small actions compound over time and lead to small successes that build your confidence, creating momentum for larger successes down the road.

This is essential and this is why I always go on and on about celebrating your successes! Give your mindset a big noticeable sign “Hey, look what I accomplished!” Celebrate and it will build your confidence!

It Only Takes a Spark to Start a Fire 

Once that confidence starts to grow and you take on new challenges and succeed you start to build momentum. Small actions over time turn into big results.

Confidence and your business become a natural aspect of daily life.

Be realistic with your goals but also push yourself a little bit too. Just like I took a leap of faith submitting my piece to our book ‘Ready to Rise‘.

Be positive and if you fail use that failure to reassess and learn where things went wrong so that you can achieve success on the next try or the next! Remember it is not a failure if you try again and learn from assessing the results.

Confidence and your business: Stop making this #1 mistake sabotaging entrepreneurs' success! 2 Copy of Copy of SSS Pink Palm Facebook Post Templates 3 Living A Boss Life Let's talk about the importance of confidence and your business. Stop making this #1 mistake sabotaging entrepreneurs' success!

Use That Spark To Fire Up Your Confidence And Your Business!

Those tiny sparks start more than fires for your business. The small actions used to create the sparks have a cumulative effect on your business. They stack, one on top of the other, while also building your confidence along the way.

They build a tremendous momentum that keeps you moving forward!

When was the last time you noticed the look on someone’s face when they accomplished the task at hand?

The sense of accomplishment? 

The enormous personal pride? 

Each time you accomplish one of these small tasks for your business, you will have that same sense of pride, accomplishment, and confidence.

Relish in it! 

Absorb it to its fullest and use it to feed your mindset!

I have a confidence builder secret for you! 

Break Down Larger Goals into Smaller Tasks

One of the reasons highly successful people are able to accomplish more in a day than the vast majority of people is because they understand the value of breaking large goals into a series of smaller tasks

They brainstorm everything they can imagine they will need to accomplish their major goal.

Then they brainstorm every task that will be needed to complete each one of those mini-goals.

It may seem overwhelming but once it is all laid out they then prioritize which needs to happen first.

This gives them the opportunity to accomplish something every day that gets them closer to their larger goals. for more on goals head to our conquer your goals post!

Grab My Free Goal Strategy Workbook if you haven’t yet & start breaking down your goals!

Accomplishing Tasks Keeps You and Your Business Moving Forward

Business owners always want to be moving forward, this is the key to success. The more steps you take towards your goal, the faster your business can grow and evolve. 

The more you do to help your business get there, the greater your sense of accomplishment, confidence, and purpose.

Confidence and your Business Plus The # 1 mistake holding you back! Your time is now!

One of the real secrets for success is not to sit back and relax once you’ve accomplished one of your larger goals. While you want to take some time to celebrate your accomplishment, you must know that now is the perfect time for you to shift your focus to new tasks and new goals. Although self-care and relaxation are important too!

Use the pride, accomplishment and confidence you gained from accomplishing your previous goal to get your next goal underway!

It’s amazing how important it becomes for business leaders to continuously strive to accomplish more. This is the growth mindset expanding and wanting more growth! The more you learn the more you will want to learn.

Learning truly never ends and is the key to success!

It’s a part of what separates those who are content to settle in their businesses or day jobs from those who might someday take top spots in their fields and industries. 

I know you can do this! I know you are unstoppable! It’s time to start believing in yourself the way I believe in you!

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Confidence And Your Business, Is It Holding You Back?

Now that we know the #1 mistake that entrepreneurs make in their business: Allowing a lack of confidence to hold them back from their true success, I want to invite you to take our confidence self-assessment.

Drop a comment below and let me know, what small actions have you taken today? What’s on your list for tomorrow? What do you struggle with the most? How do confidence and your business affect you and your success?

I can’t wait to see what you do!

Love your guts!

Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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