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Living A Boss Life
Helping Empower Women With Confidence, Clarity & Discovery

Do You Need A Confidence Boost?

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Do you need a confidence boost? Our confidence self-assessment workbook! Discover if a lack of confidence is holding you back from achieving your success!

Take The First Step To Building Your Confidence!

Grab Our Confidence Self-Assessment & Discover If Negative Thinking Is Holding Back Your Success!

Why Confidence Building Is Essential...

We all have hopes and dreams, goals we want to accomplish!

But we don’t always know how to get there.

In order to succeed in life we need a great foundation to start with.

That foundation starts with confidence!

Once we begin to build our confidence, we begin to feel confident in our decision making.

Then we begin to find clarity and discover our passion and purpose.

This is what makes you unstoppable!

Sadly, confidence is the # 1 obstacle holding women back from success!

Do you need a confidence boost?

Grab Our Confidence Self-Assessment and find out today!

Hey there, I'm Jenn!

I believe confidence is the foundation to success!

For years I put my dreams and my goals on the back burner so I could focus on my family and everyone else’s needs. 

By doing this I lost my identity!

Little did I know I had a fear of success that held me back from giving it my all. AND I lacked the confidence to move forward and step out of my comfort zone.

I made a decision to change my mind and in turn it changed my life!

Hey there, I'm Jenn I'm a goal strategist life coach who helps women build confidence, find clarity and (re)discover themselves.

I want you to discover if confidence is your # 1 obstacle.

Get Our Free Confidence Self-Assessment Now!

Living A Boss Life through confidence, clarity and discovery with Jenn Summers!

Confidence Builder Resources On The Blog

Want more confidence builder resources to help you thrive?

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Below we have included our #1 Confidence Builder Posts that we recommend for you to check out now!

The living a boss life blog has lots of content to help you grow and succeed in many areas of your life!

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Be Truly Confident

How to be Truly Confident! Being confident comes from deep within and it starts with changing your mind. Learn why some people succeed at being confident and why others fail. #ConfidentWoman #ConfidentQuote #HowToBeConfident #SelfImage #SelfCare #SelfLove #GrowthMindset

Relationships &

Confidence is affected by many components in life but our relationships are often overlooked as one of the most important factors that affect our confidence. Healthy relationships are necessary and they are a form of self-care. Learn more about how your relationships are affecting your confidence!

& Your Business

Confidence and your Business Plus The # 1 mistake holding you back! Your time is now!

Imposter Syndrome

How to deal with 5 types of imposter syndrome. Everyone suffers from imposter syndrome one point in their life or another. Sometime sit can be difficult to acknowledge it is what is hindering our success. these 5 common imposter syndromes can help you define your struggles and learn to deal with them in a successful manner.
Are you ready to build your confidence? The Confidence Builder Workbook & Guide has 32 pages of strategies to help rebuild a more confident you.

Here at Living A Boss Life we understand that confidence is the #1 obstacle holding women back from success. That is why we dedicate much of our resources and topics around building this fundamental key to your success!

Don’t be a statistic! Start empowering your confidence right now and pull away from the rest of the pack.

With confidence we find clarity. With clarity we instil (re)discovery. 

These 3 core elements are essential to your success!

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