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Welcome to 7 simple happiness tips: The truth behind happiness is that it clearly means you are living in the moment. You are not thinking about tomorrow’s deadline you are not thinking about yesterday’s argument with your sister-in-law, instead, you are focused on the kids laughing on the living room floor in front of you.

Are you living your happiest life? The 7 simple happiness tips will help get you on track to living a happier more fulfilling life. Start now with these easy-to-use tips.

Happiness and positivity meld together so well that it can sometimes seem like they are one and the same. When you are feeling up you look at the world around you in a positive way (read more about perception here). Life just feels better when you are living in the moment, happy and full of joy.

Like all good things in life, they take practice and repetition and sometimes hard work. Have you tried affirmations before? Check out our article on gratitude affirmations to start your day and how to use them! These are perfect for practicing a new habit.

The Pursuit To Happiness eBook duo! Happiness is a habit and like all habits, it takes practice and routine to instil it within ourselves. Our 95-page journal will help do just that. The Pursuit To Happiness eBook is full of lifestyle changes to find more happiness in your health, relationships and daily life. Click below to learn more and grab yours for only $9.99!

I want you to start enjoying the benefits ASAP so here are 7 happiness tips you can start practicing right now!

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Happiness Tips #1: From A Body Break

Does the idea of happiness from a body break seem absurd to you? Well, it is time to open your mind up because a body break has so many opportunities to get the happiness vibe flowing through you.

Having a body break with exercise helps you to burn off some stress and boost the chemicals in your brain that make you happy.

  • go for a walk,
  • a bike ride,
  • practice yoga,
  • do some cardio
  • stretching,
  • get physical as a family

Whatever it is you choose to do to get physically moving it will give you a replenishing boost of happiness. Get your endorphins flowing and reap the rewards that physical exercise has on your happiness.

Simple Happiness Tips #2 Mimicry

Alright I’m not talking about those little children following you around and repeating everything you say

“I said to stop” mom.

“I said to stop” echo of child.

Child mimicry example

Nope, not that type of mimicry. I’m talking about aligning your mind and your body together with personal reflection mimicry.

Often times our body and mind can do this naturally.

For example: When you think of a memory that made you feel really excited and a smile forms on your lips.

Or how about when you think of eating a sour lemon and you get that tingling at the back of your jawline and mouth waters?

That connection between mind and body is automated. Sometimes we need a little boost to get that going within ourselves, sometimes our automatic connection is a bit tired or perhaps undertrained.

So this simple tip to happiness helps reset your body to mimic what you want to feel.

I love this one. This might just be my all-time favourite.

Do you remember on Grey’s Anatomy when they did the superman pose? It truly does work! 

Our brains are looking for connections from our mind to our muscle movement and once that connection is made it becomes a powerful message your brain wants to enforce! 

This works with throwing a smile on your face while verbally saying something positive like “Today is a good day to save lives” Oops stuck on greys mode there, haha!

Try it for yourself, choose something to verbally say out loud, repeat it in your mind and move your body (thrust arms in the arm, a smile, the superman pose etc.)

This combination draws a connection and it is so powerful it can change your entire mood. I recommend practicing this at least once a day! Don’t worry it only takes about 2-3 minutes to work its maximum effects on your level of happiness.

Happiness Tips #3 Dance It (stress) Out

Ok, I might be really missing Greys (come on Netflix throw us a bone ha). This show once again hits the limelight of my list of happiness.

Crank the tunes and dance it out.

Heck, even if you don’t dance (p.s. great form of exercise- my #1 fave) listening to your favourite tunes has the ability to fill you with happiness too.

Find your personal favourites and sing along. Allow the music to erase all negativity from your mind and live in that moment, do not think of anything else but that exact moment in time and allow the happiness to seep in.

Do Something Selfish Everyday For Your Happiness!

Alright, I was just making that heading juicy to keep you ready haha. But seriously, what is your favourite thing to do? Can you do it every day? Then do it!

Not sure what brings you happiness?

No worries, check out our happiness everyday article to help find things that make you happy. This brain dump activity will help you find all sorts of ideas you can practice every day!

This simple activity will help you find what makes you happy. Once you find one idea allow them to keep flowing. Remember no idea is too small and this is the gateway to opening your mind to happiness.

The best part of being an adult is that we get to choose what we do! If we love something we can choose to have more of it in our life. 

If you love watching Grey’s then watch an episode, if you love to read then make it happen, if you love a coffee at the local coffee shop in the evening then go do it!

Do it for you and your happiness!

Simple Happiness Tips #5 Is Meditate

Whether you are a pro at meditation or not, taking a few minutes once a week or more can help you to slow down.

Meditating helps lower your heart rate, slows your breathing, and changes your focus to something new.

Slow deep breathing also increases oxygen levels in your body helping to rejuvenate you. 

Next time you are feeling stressed close your eyes and practice not thinking about anything at all except taking a few deep breaths.

If meditation is new to you and it makes you feel a bit silly, it is totally normal to feel that way at first. Never in a million years did I think I would be meditating or doing yoga haha. Now, these are some of my favourite highlights of my day.

I love the escape, I love the quiet in my brain. my mind is always on high speed and it can become extremely overwhelming, so these moments during the day are vital to my sanity and my happiness.

You can read more about stress relief through relaxation here in our 10 epic tips article!

In a world where you can choose anything, choose happiness! These 7 happiness tips can help get you on your way! #Quotes #Happiness #7SimpleTipsToHappiness

The Nature of Happiness Tips

Nothing grounds us more than nature. Listening to the wind rustle the leaves on the trees, the birds chirping in the distance. Feeling the warm fall breeze wrap around you. The smell of freshness after the rain. 

It can be really hard to connect with nature when you live in a bustling city or are constantly on the go. However, nature is so vital to your happiness and well-being it needs to be something that you do regularly.

There are countless studies that have proven one of the best ways to combat stress, depression and anxiety is to get back to nature! The natural healing properties of nature are endless.

Check out my gardening for mental health article!

Nature goes perfectly with our number one tip, the happiness body break.

Also, I totally love the idea of bringing nature into your home. We have very long winters where I live. So I do my best to keep nature in our home.

  • leaving windows open to view outside
  • small potted plants
  • fresh flowers
  • herb garden on the counter
  • even artificial plants

You can read more about nature and happiness here.

Build Your Happiness With Community

Years ago, it truly took a village to raise a child as the saying goes. The thing is, it really did!

Communities would band together in strength and numbers to build homes, farm the land, and provide clothing and food to eat.

Everyone knew everybody and everyone had a role and responsibility. Everyone had a sense of belonging and purpose.

Nowadays, we have grown into an incumbent of social networking with less and less physical human reaction.

Instead of having coffee with our neighbours, we send them a text from next door.

We now forgo human interaction, in fact, most of our interactions have a device or some sort of technology that is between us and the person we are interacting with.

Our world has changed dramatically and loneliness is consuming. I don’t mean because of covid either, it has been happening for years and it is beginning to take over our happiness. Loneliness can cause depression, anxiety and turmoil. we need people in our physical lives.

What can you do to strengthen your community? What obstacle can you remove once a day that would prevent you from physical interaction with someone?

7 Happiness Tips

These are super simple happiness tips and I imagine you may have tried some of them before but I hope this post serves as a good reminder of some steps to happiness that you can take.

Eliminating a negative mindset is a large part of my coaching here on the blog and in the academy. Make sure to take a look around and find some tools and strategies to help you grow and succeed!

7 simple happiness tips to living your happiest life is a compilation of the best strategies that are easy to implement to start finding your happiness right now. #2 is my favourite!

Which of these 7 happiness tips do you love the most? Is it the dance it out? Or getting into nature maybe? Let me know in the comments what you do to find your happiness!

Be sure to check out my Etsy Shop shop our products for self-help personal development tools to help you in various areas of your life.

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

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Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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