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Often times we notice the clutter around us but we don’t see the clutter that affects us the most! Do you wonder how to cleanse your mind? Do you need some mental detox tips? Let’s find out…

When you think of spring cleaning, you probably think of the time of year where you go all out cleaning up your house. You know the time you move the fridge and sweep out all the nooks and crevices. What if you took that same idea, but instead of cleaning your physical surroundings, you tidied up your life? If you don’t quite understand what that means, here are nine examples that can get you started.

9 mind-blowing mental detox tips

The following tips are great to start your mental detox and among the steps, I tell my clients when they wonder how to cleanse their minds. Perhaps not all of these tips will work for you but I would like to remind you to stay open-minded during the process, perhaps one of the tips will not work for you now but rather a little further down your mental detox journey.

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How To Cleanse Your Mind With Self-Assessment

Before you start mental detox, it is essential for you to assess the satisfaction of your life in all areas. Use these questions below to help you gain clarity on your current life as you see it.

Taking stock of where you are at will help you direct your energy to where it’s needed the most. Don’t let this step overwhelm you! Do a brain dump on all the areas of your life and get an idea of where you are at in each category: check out this wheel of life activity for an easy structured

The Wheel Of Life Workbook: A Guide To A Balanced Life Wheel

Clean Up Your Relationships To Clean Up Your Mind

Do you have any toxic relationships? It can sometimes be hard to see, especially if you are in a manipulative relationship. You deserve more whether it be blood, marriage, friends or family. Toxic relationships are harmful to too many areas of your life.

Maybe it is time to part ways with these people or it is time to re-evaluate those relationships. To learn more about toxic relationships check out how to identify toxic people in your life and learn some steps to help you get started.

Perhaps you need to discuss your boundaries with these people. If you want to keep a relationship with these people and you feel the relationship is salvageable sand then set your boundaries, be clear and stick to them. Do not let them take advantage of you once you feel comfortable in the relationship again, this happens much too often:

  • boundaries set,
  • compliance,
  • dwindles,
  • break boundaries,
  • back to hurtful toxic manipultive relationship.

Tidy Habits For Mental Detox Tips

It might be time to clean up those bad habits of yours. Bad habits add up over time and cost you in the long run. Some we might not even know we have others have been on our mind to quit for a long time. And, of course, we all have a list of healthy habits we want to add to our lives but have been making excuses for far too long.

There are many ways to create new healthy habits and I’m going to share a few great tips with you to help make yours successful.

Keep it simple: when choosing a habit to work with start small and gain confidence in your ability to follow through. Small successes help build us up for bigger, life-changing goals. Check off these habits every time you complete them, make sure to acknowledge it and feel proud of your accomplishment. You deserve it.

Change up your environment: When wanting to start a new habit decide how you can attach this new healthy choice with a change in your environment. It does not need to be huge but something that will remind you to keep on the task of your new choice.

Looking for a way to keep track of all your healthy habits? Here are 8 beautiful healthy habit tracker printable downloads that keep track of all your healthy (or not-so-healthy) habits!Track your sleep, water, exercise, tech use and more. Habit trackers don't need to be just for healthy habits, track your not-so-healthy habits as you try to eliminate them to see how far you have come! You have got this and these sheets can help you see it for yourself!You can print these pages out and use them over and over every month!There is also space for inspiration, goals, priorities and reassessment on some of the sheets. Take notes about your progress every month. Great to add to planners!Download your favourite habit tracker sheets today!

If you feel like you already do a good job of that, focus on building some new positive habits. Check out these amazing monthly habit checker printables made by Moi here!

Don’t give up! New habits take 30 days to form with consistency, it’s ok if you miss a day just get back to it and keep going. No guilt, no blame, no shame. You have got this!

Hire a goal strategist coach to keep you motivated and accountable. The whole reason I became a certified life coach was because of my passion to help people reach their goals. I would love to work with you!

Cleanse Your Mind With Mindfullness & Positive Thinking

We all have a lot going on in our heads. Maybe you should take some time to clean things up a bit. If you need help on where to start you may find the following articles helpful:

All of these articles have great tips and tricks to help you beat that spinning in circles mind overload that often has us pulling at our hair.

Developing a daily meditation practice or another great mindfulness exercise is a great way to clear your mind.

You might also try journaling. Getting those thoughts spinning around in your head onto paper can make a world of difference.

She designed to life she loved. Beautiful inspiring quote for women. The choice is up to you, make it! read more about positive mental health and reaching goals. Cleanse your mind and build the life you love! #MentalHealth #PersonalDevelopment #ToxicRelationships #Relationships #Organization #MindCation #Unplug #HealthyHabits #HealthyEating #Exercise #MindAndBodyExercise #MentalDetox #HowToCleanseYourMind

Unplug for a mental detox to cleanse your mind

In a world filled with technology at our fingertips, it can be difficult to unplug but it’s essential to give our minds a break and an escape from social media every now and then.

You can read about my epic unplug here which was totally unplanned, very hard and then probably one of the best things that ever happened to me.

We need to unplug and live in the moment to meet the needs of a balanced life. Don’t be afraid to delete some of our social media accounts or leave some email lists. Watch the amount of time you spend on your phone, you can check this on iPhones or use an app to track your screen time.

If you’re like me and the constant notifications have you picking up your phone just to see another email hitting your inbox then turn certain notifications on silent. Heck, you can turn everything on silent if need be.

My phone goes on sleep mode from 10 pm every night until 7 am every morning. I need this automatic boundary to let me have the sleep I need and the time to work in the mornings undistracted.

Spend less time on your devices and more time taking in nature and those closest to you.

Cleanse Your Mind By Refreshing Your Fitness Routine

Has your fitness routine gotten boring or stale? Do you even have a fitness routine?

Life is crazy busy and when we decide we are too busy we tend to drop the parts of life that are good for us and in all reality the ones that help us to keep up better and be more productive! Ironic, right?!?

If you don’t have a fitness routine I highly suggest you add one to your week. Exercising 3-5 times a week can help tremendously and not all exercise means you need to go to the gym. Most importantly your routine does not need to be the same each day!

Switch it up! There are so many great ways to get in 30 minutes of activity that are good for your body and your mind. If you didn’t check out the mind & body exercise article yet here it is again: Mind & Body Exercises.

Our family enjoys a nature walk every evening, it helps us all unwind and we get a better night’s sleep. I love connecting with nature and we get to see all sorts of animals from beavers, to foxes, to owls and cranes and many in between. We are very blessed to be so close to nature in our little town.

I also try to walk everywhere within our town and bought a wagon to pull along any large and heavy purchases, like 6 bags of 50-litre soil haha.

I love to do yoga and tai chi, there are some really great videos on youtube to help get you started no matter what level you are at. Some are even dedicated to chronic pain if that has been holding you back.

Mental Detox The Way You Eat

I am a lover of all food, heck I even wrote a cookbook because I love food SO much! I also know that the more meals I cook from scratch the more control I have about what is going into our bodies.

That being said life is crazy busy and I’m not afraid to toss a frozen pizza in at the last minute to get us fed.

I think the biggest part of eating healthier is changing your shopping habits. If you’re not purchasing everything you need for healthy cooking then you’re not going to be cooking it up, am I right?

I know eating whole-natural foods can be expensive especially if you want to get in out of stores in a hurry. However, we do need to remember we are worth it and that food is so good for your body. Also, natural whole foods stand to make more meals in the long run.

If you’re crazy busy like me, meal prep is a lifesaver. Cut up fruits and veggies and store in Tupperware containers for healthy snacks and easy additions to your cooking. Freezer meals are another great source. A few hours once a week can help you eat a lot healthier and feel better too!

What can you do to eat healthier?

How To Cleanse Your Mind: 9 Mind-Blowing Mental Detox Tips We can see a mess in a house easier than seeing a mess inside ourselves. Sometimes we need a mental detox, come learn how to cleanse your mind with 9 tips! #MentalHealth #PersonalDevelopment #ToxicRelationships #Relationships #Organization #MindCation #Unplug #HealthyHabits #HealthyEating #Exercise #MindAndBodyExercise #MentalDetox #HowToCleanseYourMind

Boost Your Productivity With Organization To Cleanse Your Mind

Let me real with you. My office is our homeschool classroom, our yoga room, our library, where I run our construction business, track all our medical appointments and store everything craft-related and my office is not much bigger than 10×10!

It gets hella crazy up in here!!! And when it gets that crazy my productivity drops, my motivation is buried under pikes of paperwork hiding because it is scared a stack of books might fall on it.

My ambition dwindles and my procrastination takes over.

Once a month I give the office a good clean, put everything back that has been left out, and reorganize. Sometimes I try something new to see if it works better for the kids and me to coexist in this tiny workspace.

My productivity soars when my office is clutter-free and organized. Organize your space to declutter your mind!

Mental Detox With A Goal Reassessment

We all have been guilty of creating ginormous new years resolutions and a month later realizing you have all but given up on them. It’s ok you are not alone it is extremely common.

I have lots of great articles on the blog about goal setting and I’m also a certified goal strategist life coach and I would love to work with you.

My goal planner free gift from Living A Boss Life _Positive mental health and personal development

You can grab my goals planner workbook for free and get started asap. You can print it or use it with your favourite software as a fillable!

Find all goal-related articles here!

Put these 9 mental detox tips into action to learn how to cleanse your mind!

Now that you know these 9 incredible ways to detox your mind and give you an extra boost in your step are you ready to jump in? Let me know if you need any help or guidance.

We covered so many ways to cleanse your mind. By using reassessment for ourselves, assessing our relationships, creating healthy habits, adding exercise into our routines, mindfulness and positive thinking, unplugging from technology and media, eating healthier, organizing our workspace and checking in our goals.

That’s a lot to remember so be sure to save this post and come back whenever you need a little guidance on your mental detox!

Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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