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Today we are going to learn how to stop making excuses by looking into 5 common ‘But’ excuses. Get ready to kiss your ‘But’ good-bye!

We are going to learn how they sneak into our lives and how they try to take control of our thoughts and emotions. We are also going to have the opportunity to learn how to Kiss Your ‘But’ Goodbye and say “No more excuses”!

Kiss Your 'But' Good-bye! Eliminate these 5 common but excuses and learn how to stop making excuses that are destroying your chance at success! Eliminate the bad habit of excuses with these simple steps. #Excuses #Procrastination #BadHabits #StopMakingExcuses #Mindset #Empowerment #ButExcuses #SayNotToExcuses
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How To Stop Making Excuses: My Secret To Productivity!

People are always telling me “I have no idea how you do it!”, and “I don’t know how you find the time.” Well, let me tell you my secret… it is so simple it will knock your socks off! I decided NO MORE EXCUSES!

I work hard at eliminating the 5 most common excuses that human beings are prone to commit.

How To Stop Making Excuses | Kiss Your 'But' Goodbye 1 Living A Boss Life Excuses hold back your productivity and they hold back your success. Learn how to stop making excuses by eliminating these 5 common 'but' excuses

Now, I’m not saying that I have it all together! Nope, I’m crazy busy and always have my hands in as many things as I can. BUT (not an excuse but) I have found simple ways to increase my productivity. One of these is saying no more excuses! This is How To Stop Making Excuses once and for all!

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How to Conquer Your Goals with Success!

Alright, your back and ready to hear more about how to stop making excuses that are killing your productivity. Let’s get on the ‘no more excuses’ path!

It is a proven fact that excuses are one of the top obstacles for people working towards achieving their goals.

No matter how much you want something you have been living in a world filled with ‘buts’ for so long that you need to figure out how to shift gears and make the changes to breakthrough!

The struggle is real people!

How to Stop Making Excuses by eliminating the ‘But’ excuses

All of the following ‘but’ excuses are so common you, yourself have probably said them before without even realizing it. Let’s build that awareness right now so you can start implementing the change needed to say no more excuses right now.

How to Stop Making Excuses that are holding you back! These 5 common excuses are the blame to holding entrepreneurs back from achieving success and conquering their goals. Learn how to stop excuses and become more confident! #Excuses #Procrastination #BadHabits #StopMakingExcuses #Mindset #Empowerment #ButExcuses #SayNotToExcuses

But it’s too hard

I don’t know about you, however, I know I have said this too many times in the past.

It is one of those things that just rolls right off the tongue.

I think I hear it the most from my kids when I ask them to do something around the house or to do their homework.

It is a quick quip and most importantly to realize, an excuse that you may be overlooking.

Is it really too hard?

Why is it ‘too’ hard? You can break things down, you can learn new skills and you can change your point of view. Is it still too hard?

What have you done that was hard in the past?

Did you succeed?

Did you power through?

I bet you can think of at least one thing you overcame that at some point was too hard!

Nothing is too hard if you want it bad enough. Stop Procrastinating!

I guarantee you someone else has done it before and therefore you can do it too!

Find the resources you need to use to make it happen. Work on it in small manageable steps. There are many ways to keep moving forward.

But it’s going to take too long

Does it really matter how long something takes you to do if it is going to give you the end result you want and yearn for?

How long is it going to take you to do? 5 months? 5 years?

How old you will be in 5 years after you achieve your goal?

How old you will be after 5 years and not achieving your goal?

Hmmm, look at that, still 5 years older.

These 5 'but' excuses are holding you back! Empower yourself with learning how to eliminate them and be more productive! #Excuses #Procrastination #BadHabits #StopMakingExcuses #Mindset #Empowerment #ButExcuses #SayNotToExcuses

So, in all honesty, does the length of time to reach your ultimate goal really matter? Nope, it doesn’t.

So get started now because in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years you are going to look back and be glad you started when you did!

But I’m too old

Some of the greatest minds in the world did not reach for their goals until later in life and they became great successes.

Age is just a number and if you want something bad enough it is never too late and you are not too old.

Vera Wang did not find her success until later life and she became one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of all time.

Martha Stewart was in her late 40’s when she built a catering business that turned into an all time cooking empire.

How To Stop Making Excuses | Kiss Your 'But' Goodbye 2 Living A Boss Life Excuses hold back your productivity and they hold back your success. Learn how to stop making excuses by eliminating these 5 common 'but' excuses

Col. Sanders was 62 when he established KFC and became a business success.

These are just a few examples of proof that age is not a restriction and in fact can be beneficial. Think of all the things you have learned in your years, what an advantage you have!

But I’m not an expert

News flash! No one was an expert when they started. We all have to start somewhere and go from there. Let go of imposter syndrome!

It takes years to build up experience and you will never gain experience if you dont get started.

Stop Making Excuses! Imposter syndrome can take over if you allow yourself to keep using this but excuse! Put a stop to it now! #Excuses #Procrastination #BadHabits #StopMakingExcuses #Mindset #Empowerment #ButExcuses #SayNotToExcuses

One of the biggest issues college students suffer after graduation is the roadblock of feeling like an imposter. In fact, imposter syndrome can strike everyone from moms to CEOs. This is a lack of confidence many people work their entire lives to overcome.

College graduates spend several years being taught by the greatest mind but lose their confidence when they step out into the world to put that knowledge into action.

If every college student allowed this ‘but’ to control what they do next we would have no doctors, no lawyers, no dentists, no psychologists etc.

Make a list of what makes you an expert in your field, make a list of the things you believe do not make you an expert. Build some affirmations that prove the ‘but’ to not be true.

Keep learning and growing. If you are stuck on an area that you truly feel doesn’t allow you to be an expert then what can you learn to make you one?

You have it what it takes to be an expert in your area. Believe you can!

But what if I fail?

The fear of failure can be all consuming when it is not put into the proper perspective. ‘Failure’ is an amazing thing! ‘Failure’ leads to success.

Very few people get things right the first time. The difference between successful people and non-successful people is their perseverance to keep trying!

The difference between successful people and non successful people is their perseverance to keep trying! #Excuses #Procrastination #BadHabits #StopMakingExcuses #Mindset #Empowerment #ButExcuses #SayNotToExcuses

Thomas Edison ‘failed’ 1000 times inventing the light bulb, but was it really failure? No!

Why wasn’t it failure?

Thomas Edison may have had 1000 unsuccessful attempts but he did not give up. He kept reassessing where things went wrong and he kept pushing forward until he found the solution that has made him one of the absolute greatest minds of all time.

What would have happened if he thought to himself “but what if I fail?”?

Change that ‘but’ to “What if I succeed and envision what that feels like. Let the feeling of joy and success motivate you!

How to stop making excuses so you can get what you want in life! Excuses cause us to procrastinate and become less productive. Find out how to tackle the obstacle of excuses so you can find your success! #Excuses #Procrastination #BadHabits #StopMakingExcuses #Mindset #Empowerment #ButExcuses #SayNotToExcuses

How to stop making excuses by saying no more!

Now that we have covered 5 of the most common ‘but’ excuses it is time to kiss your “but” good-bye- and say no more excuses.

Every time you hear that word start to play out in your mind, or roll off of your tongue stop yourself. Assess if it is really true, assess what you can do to make it untrue and think of an affirmation that helps you believe something more positive!

Once we are able to get rid of the excuses that cause us to procrastinate we become more productive.

When we are more confident in ourselves and our actions we become more productive.

When we gain clarity in the actions we need to take we become even more productive.

How To Stop Making Excuses | Kiss Your 'But' Goodbye 3 300x250 outdoor Living A Boss Life Excuses hold back your productivity and they hold back your success. Learn how to stop making excuses by eliminating these 5 common 'but' excuses

What is your number one ‘But’ excuse?

What excuse holds you back and makes you procrastinate? Is it on this list of the most common excuses? Were you able to find some inspiration to start eliminating it from your mindset? Let me know in the comments or send me an email at jennsummers@livingabosslife.com.

More ways to say No More Excuses!

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How To Stop Making Excuses Conclusion

How to stop making excuses all boils down to what you allow your mind to be subjected to. If we empower our growth mindset by raising awareness of our biggest obstacles we are able to start banishing them from our existence.

You have what it takes to eliminate excuses from your life, become more productive and reach your goals. If you do not believe in yourself yet know that I believe in you! I believe we all have what it takes deep inside of us and you are no different than the great minds that have come before you in your ability to succeed.

You can do this! Now go take action and kiss that ‘but’ good-bye!

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

Living A Boss Life

Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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