Little things matter with perception. Even when we can not see the forest for the trees. All the small things add up.

Every small detail is part of a big picture.

When we look at a painting we see the large picture, we see it as a whole but we may not notice each brushstroke unless we are taught to focus on the work of art that a painting truly is.

Artists and art enthusiasts spend years learning these techniques and what to look for in order to fully appreciate each brushstroke that goes into it.

Little Things Matter With Perception: 1 Intriguing Opinion 1 Jenn Summers Living A Boss Life All the little things matter whether they be negative or positive they change your outlook on life. Check out this unique opinion about perception.

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Perception: The Art Of Life

We are just like a painting, made of unique brushstrokes (experience) that paints a story of our lives.

Just like an art enthusiast, we may not always know what to look for in this masterpiece of art. In order to fully appreciate the art of life and know that all little things matter we need to learn and explore, test and trial, fail and grow. We need to keep adding brushstrokes to our masterpiece.

What brushstrokes make you who you are is your decision to accept. It is your choice which one swill appear more vibrant, more pronounced, more intriguing, compelling. You choose if they are bright, calming hues, wavy or straight. It is your story and you can repaint.

When two individuals look at an abstract painting or an image they may see two totally different things.

How Ambiguous Images/ Reverse Images Show Little Things Matter

An ambiguous image is a great example of this. An image that has two images that can be seen within the same image.

My Wife My Mother In Law is the perfect example of how perception of little things matter to each of us differently. One may see an old woman one may see a young woman. The results are each individuals own perception and it may be altered by the most recent life experiences #AmbiguousImages #OpticalIllusions #Perception 
My Wife And My Mother In Law 1988

I love these images because they open up communication around perception. These are so very compelling.

Often times our life experiences affect how we see the little things (the brushstrokes, the lines, the curves quite literally and this changes our perspective.

We all remember how the white and gold dress went viral or was it black and blue? These images are the perfect example of perception and the stark differences we all have.

Have you ever come back to look at the dress or one of these reverse images to only see it in a completely different colour or its a completely different image than the time before?

This is because our perception is altered by the most recent experiences we have in life. Our perceptions are constantly changing in little ways, these little things matter in perception. They can alter your complete outlook on life.

Why little things matter with Perception

Our view of the painting is dependant on our own life experiences. Just like how some people see the glass as half-full while others see the glass as half-empty.

The glass holds the same amount in it but our individual conclusion is reliant on our own personal perspective (painting) based on our own personal experiences (brushstrokes).

Little things matter when it comes to perception. All our experiences affect our outlook o life. Just like the old antic goes is the glass half full or half empty? Guess what? It's a half a glass of water! The way you view it today may be different than the way you view it tomorrow. DO not let this define you and your perception.

When bad things happen our minds tend to remember them and focus on those memories. When good things happen they can easily be forgotten, even by one small bad thing.

We allow negativity because it is easier than being positive all the time.

Yep, that’s right, it is easier to be stuck in a rut looking at the downside than trying to climb the ladder of productivity and happiness.

For example, you spend hours studying for an exam only to have it come back as your lowest grade this term. Your mind automatically goes to critical and your fixed mindset persona will point out why you did not succeed.

  • You are not good enough,
  • you don’t have what it takes,
  • you do not have enough experience,
  • you are stupid, etc. 
  • you are an imposter

Rather than giving in to the negative thinking perhaps you decide to use your growth mindset and reassess your failed exam.

  • I should have studied before the night before the exam
  • how can I study differently?
  • what areas did I get wrong that I can study more?
  • who could I study with?

Note that this assessment sounds simple but it is often not done. People refuse to accept that they need to re-evaluate what went wrong in order to work on it and make it a success. As I said it easier to stay negative about it rather than feel blame or come up with a plan that requires more work.

You studied with a tutor and you felt confident going into the exam, you ace it! You feel accomplished, you feel successful and feel belonging and acceptance. Finally, your hard work pays off. 

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You are on to something, you seem to have found your study mojo.

The next day you are called up in front of the class to explain an equation from the exam, you stumble and are unable to come up with the right answer.

That joy you had from acceptance is challenged. The feeling of accomplishment dims. You feel embarrassed and the happiness from acing your exam diminishes to fine dust particles amid this ‘failure’.

  • Did you fluke it the first time?
  • Maybe you do suck after all?
  • Maybe the teacher does not like you? 

Choosing which little things matter enough to change your perception

Little things matter when it comes to perspective whether it be good or bad, they can shape your whole day, your entire week and your future.

Your mind takes over and before you know it you are back in that negativity vortex.

It is easier to realize the little things matter when they are negative things rather than positive things. This sways your perception one way or the other.

The feelings related to negativity are much more profound and long-lasting than the feelings associated with positivity. Especially, when we have not grown up in a world that empowers self-care and self-love

This is why practicing affirmations and self-love to build positivity and happiness into your life is so very important.

Just because you are not born with this wonderful trait does not mean you can not learn. 

Perception & Growth Mindset

Doctors are not born as doctors they are born just like you and me. They may be able to handle the sight of blood better than you or me but they go to school for years to learn how to be a doctor.

It takes them years of practising to become a doctor. Hence why they say, practitioners. Years of learning and growth. 

Just because you are not born or raised to be positive and see that small things matter does not mean that you can not learn to be positive and change your perception

Because little things matter either way it takes little things to change your point of view for better or for worse. That choice is up to you. Can you see a silver lining?

Empower your growth mindset and start focusing on the good things no matter how small they are, each and everyday to allow them to become a part of your everyday life. 

If you treat positivity like a medical degree you need to acquire, you will begin to respect its value much more and in turn, you will respect your own values more as well. 

4 things to focus on after rejection to help you find a positive perception because little things matter.  Re-assess and count your blessings. See the big picture. Focus on the brushstrokes. Be grateful for what you have, what you have done and affirm that the little things matter. 

The next time you face rejection don’t let it tear you down, follow these steps instead:

Re-assess and count your blessings.

See the big picture.

Focus on the brushstrokes.

Be grateful for what you have, what you have done and affirm that the little things matter. 

What is your perception on little things matter?

I hope I inspired you to think of perception a bit differently today. Knowing we are all made up of brushstrokes that paint the big picture is one of my favourite ways to discuss perception with others.

This metaphor helps to explain it in a new way and can be quite intriguing.

What about you, what do you think? What did you enjoy most about today’s topic?

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