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A few weeks ago at Clubhouse, I joined a conversation about journaling about halfway through. Everyone had done their journal entry already. It was an entry on their favourite dream vacation. Once it was my turn and since I missed the journalling portion, I decided to share my mind-cations with them, and I realized it was such a valuable part of my personal positive mental health care that I wanted to share them with you. Let’s chat all about the mind-cation idea and why it works.

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What’s A Mind-cation?

What’s a mind-cation you ask. Well, it’s pretty darn close to what it sounds like, haha. It’s taking the perfect dream vacation when you need a mental health break. It’s a happy place, if you will, for when things are tough and you need a moment to regroup and revitalize your mind.

It is the tool I use most to keep up with empowering my positive mental health. I have been doing it for so long that oftentimes I find myself on a mind-cation without even needing to try. My mind has formed the habit of knowing when I need a positive mental health break and it naturally helps me take a mind-cation.

You may notice a lot of routine habits in your life are like this, so why not make mind-cations and your positive mental health one of them?

Are you needing a mental health reset? Pack your bags and join me on a Mind-cation! In as little as 5 minutes you can reset your positive mindset and find a more positive mental health space to get back to the things you love with the people you love. #MentalHealth #Positivity #MindCation #PersonalDevelopment #MindsetReset #ThinkingPositively #Grounding #Mediation #Manifestation #MentalHealthBreak #Relaxation #StressRelief #Anxiety #Mindfulness #Clarity #Journaling #Visualization #VisionBoard

Let’s Talk About The Focused Reaction VS The Distraction Reaction

Our minds are extremely powerful and we often overlook how much our subconscious mind is actually doing for us and how it is affecting us, so let’s look at a way to get our subconscious mind in a feel-good place.

The best way a person can centre themselves is to change their thinking process. When we are in an intense, high-anxiety, stressful situation we may need that quickly. Sometimes distraction is the perfect way to shut it down and take back control.

Let’s look at a super basic example of this: when a child falls and bumps their butt if we were to react with “oh my gosh, you sweet baby, are you ok?” that baby is most likely to cry and feel some love and affection, right? Let’s think of this reaction as The Focused Reaction, focusing on the issue/problem and outcome.

Alright, so same baby, the same butt fall bump but this time “Oh you sweet baby, did you go boom?” followed with laughter and smiles and maybe even a few tickles. That baby is more likely to laugh too and forget about the butt bump while still feeling loved. For sake of this example, this is The Distraction Reaction.

So what happens when each of these methods is done repeatedly? We begin to use them as a coping strategy to get through all the obstacles in life. We have learned what it has gotten us and how the outcome works out every time. It is predictable and it has become a part of our lives over the years.

If you want to learn more about perception and reactions check out my perception article here.

Alright, we are getting off-topic here so let’s get back to Mind-cations and empowering positive mental health.

Sometime we all need a little escape and having a mind-cation can be just what is needed. This no fuss, no cost strategy can be done anywhere anytime all you need to do is dig into your mind. Your only limit is your mind! #MindCation #Mindfulness #Mindset #DayDream #Quotes #YourOnlyLimitIsYourMind #PositiveMentalHealth #PersonalDevelopment #BurnoutRelief #StressAndAnxiety

How Does A Mind-cation Help Your Positive Mental Health?

A Mind-cation allows us distraction. It’s a controlled distraction reaction within our minds. We thrive for control in our lives and we can create the most amazing places within our minds.

When we create these little mini paradise vacations within our minds we open up the opportunity for our subconscious mind to bring those blissful feelings along with us the rest of the day.

Creating a place where we can close our eyes, take a few deep breaths and escape to a getaway can be the perfect way to practice self-care and empower positive mental health. I know I have really struggled with meditation in the past but when I use the mind-cation it’s my perfect meditation place and I enjoy thinking of the feelings and involving all my senses as well.

The best part of mind-cation is it is your perfect vacation every time because YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

The benefits of giving yourself a mental health break have been profoundly studied and sadly it is too often that people do not do enough until they experience burnout, find themselves overthinking everything or are in the middle of a full-blown anxiety attack.

Don’t worry it is not too late! We can work on it one step at a time improving our mental health and achieving personal development success! All you have to do is make time for it. MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

There are many ways to practice self-care and there are many ways to meditate, I like to think of this visualization method as all the best strategies rolled into one!

  • You have visualization, you can even get extra creative and make yourself a vision board of places you would like to go o your future mind-cations.
  • Meditation is an amazing attribute within the mind-cation, although not your typical meditation, this one helps you form your happy place.
  • Another amazing component is clarity and goal empowerment, finding what we truly want in life requires digging deep into ourselves.
  • Journalling about your mind-cation helps solidify your quest and get more detailed.
  • Taking a mental health break gives you time to rest and release some tension, stress and anxiety.
  • When we take a break from life, we are also able to practice Mindfulness and regain the composure of the here and now.
  • Last but not least, it is a form of Manifestation. When our brains get set on something they work very hard behind the “curtains” to help us achieve these desires.

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How Do I Go On A Mind-cation?

For your first mind-cation, I recommend somewhere quiet and distraction-free, but if you can’t get there that’s ok. I live in a wild zoo of little people and getting quiet time is pretty obscure with homeschooling. I only recommend it for the first time so that you may be able to set that place within your mind for the next time you need a break.

  • Sit or lay down and close your eyes.
  • If you could be anywhere in the world where would you be?
  • Would you be alone, relaxing somewhere or watching your children laugh and play..?
  • How would you feel, calm, happy, excited, energize..? When you think of your feelings dig really deep, feelings are always the key to connection within ourselves.
  • Are you smiling in your mind-cation? If so, smile where you are right now, and let yourself experience the same feelings and expressions.

Don’t feel the need to plan your mind-cation all at once, and do not feel like you must stay on the same mind-cation, change it up over time.

Mind cations are not subjected to a certain amount of time, if you are having a stressful moment, take five minutes and let yourself drift off to paradise.

Five minutes can help you reset, I do recommend trying for 15 minutes because that allows your mind and body to work together giving you better results.

However, I do understand that all we have sometimes is 5 minutes and 5 minutes can still help and benefit your positive mental health and personal development goals, so go for it anytime, anywhere. (Ahem, not while driving, or flying an airplane– safety first peeps).

Empowering Positive Mental Health can start with a mind-cation in as little as 5 minutes! Creating new healthy habits doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to involve hours upon hours day in and day out. Learn why taking a mind-cation is one of my absolute favourite tools for my mental health and personal development! #MentalHealth #Positivity #MindCation #PersonalDevelopment #MindsetReset #ThinkingPositively #Grounding #Mediation #Manifestation #MentalHealthBreak #Relaxation #StressRelief #Anxiety #Mindfulness #Clarity #Journaling #Visualization #VisionBoard

Pack Your Bags It Is Time For Your Mind-cation

Well, you don’t need to pack any bags really except maybe the stress or anxiety that is weighing you down so you can figuratively through them from the plane if you wish.

What do you think? Are you booking a mind-cation for one?

I would really love to hear about your experiences with mind cations and how often you use them so please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or on my contact page.

If you would like to work one-on-one on your personal development please check out my work with me page, I would be honoured to help you with your journey.

Thank you so much for joining me today, hope to see you back here soon!

Take care & chat soon,

Jenn Summers

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Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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