I wrote My Perfect Imperfections while allowing my mind to wander and explore my deeper thoughts and feelings.

I have been working on helping others accept the things they can not change and change the things they can. Their paths to who they are is an empowering journey and I myself am on this lifetime quest too.

I hope you enjoy my perfect imperfections poem:

My Perfect Imperfections

By Jenn Summers

I’m an open book, 
I wear my heart on my sleeve. 
I will tell you things 
that may make your own heart Heave.
I’m not embarrassed by my flaws 
But rather know there is a lesson to be learned. 
Just because I’m not good at something 
Means I work even harder for what I have earned.
I may fall and I may fail 
But I pick back up and stand tall. 
If and when I fall and fail again 
At least I know I gave it my all.
I have perfect imperfections  
That makes me unique like a snowflake. 
When my imperfections show I’m not perfect 
At least I know that I’m not fake.
In my years of growing, 
I have faced many trials. 
I’m courageous and brave
And willing to walk the extra miles.
I work hard to love myself
Even when I make a mistake.
I work even harder to forgive myself
For the choices I could not make.
I’m learning to let go
Of the things in my past.
I do so by teaching and learning
Because only knowledge truly lasts.
I love with all my heart
And with all of my soul.
Even when it takes courage
It makes my heart feel full.
I love to make people smile
And I love to hear them laugh.
Everyday I work harder to
Commit to my new life path.
I consider myself empathetic,
Genuine and full of love and affection.
Sometimes I give too much
That is one of my perfect imperfections.
I accept who I am 
And yet I know that I can change.
Tomorrow is a new day
Full of hopes and all new claims.

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My perfect imperfections. Poem written by Jenn Summers from livingabosslife.com Finding confidence in ourselves comes from accepting every aspect of ourselves in its fullest. We must know that we need to love the parts of us we do not like and that we have the ability to change. Read more great information on how to empower yourself to find confidence, clarity and and discover yourself on the blog!

Write Your Perfect Imperfections

I hope you enjoyed this short poem and I hope to add some more to the blog.

Poetry is a great way to express yourself and just like this piece it does not have to be perfect, it does not need to rhyme or follow a consistent flow.

All it needs to do is to allow you to express yourself and get it on paper. You can keep it to yourself or you can share it with the world. It is all up to you and what you want to come from it.

If you are stuck when it comes to journalling writing a poem could be the solution to your dilemna.

Meditate for a few minutes, allow your mind to drift off and start thinking and then allow the words from your mind to flow through your fingers to your pen to your paper.

Write down all your perfect imperfections. Don’t stop to edit or correct just write it all down and get it out on paper while the words are flowing. You can edit later.

Writing is my favourite way to express myself and often times I can put on paper more than I can say verbally.

Thank you for checking out my perfect imperfections, my you bless your i perfections and love yourself each and every day.

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Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

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