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A positive attitude is important to every success you have in life!

A positive attitude helps you be in the moment and to focus. You can gain a substantial amount of clarity while maintaining a positive mindset. 

In fact, you are much more likely to solve problems when your mind is thinking positively rather than when your mind is stuck in a negative rut. Makes sense, right?

Everyone has a negative thought once in a while, but when your negative thoughts fill your mind more often than not, it’s time to rid yourself of them.

This can be tricky of course but I have a lot of great info here on the blog about how to do this and what works for me.

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Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

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Let’s Build A Positive Attitude Survival Kit

Build your own positive attitude survival kit using these 5 tools to develop and maintain a positive thinking attitude. Say goodbye to negative thinking with the 5 tool positive attitude survival kit. #PositiveAttitude #PositiveThinking #NegativeThinking #GrowthMindset #Positivity #GratitudeJournal #Grounding #Happiness #Joy #Inspiration #BeatingAnxiety #Depression #PositiveAttitudeQuote #SelfCare

I love using the term positive attitude survival kit. It makes me feel like a warrior when negative thinking comes out. It makes me feel like I have tools that I can use to eliminate negativity in my life.

These tools are my favourite and they work for me. You can adapt them any way you like and please get creative with them too!

Our first tool is going to help you understand how our brain works and thinks. In this two-step tool, we are able to see our thinking for what it is and learn how we can shift our focus. We will become more aware of our thoughts and more empowered because of it.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts And Your Reactions

We have 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts every day! 

Yep, you know how some days you feel like you can never shut your brain off? Well, the truth is your brain never shuts off, even when you are unaware your brain is still sifting through information looking for what to pull up next. 

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember someone’s name and you just can’t remember then hours later while you’re busy thinking about something else entirely it pops into your brain? This is because your brain never stopped searching for the answer even though you were unaware of it.

Sometimes we live on autopilot, think about a routine drive to work or going home from the city. You get to your destination and think wow I don’t remember most of the drive or did I pass Timmy’s? This is your brain on autopilot. Just like taking a shower being so routine. We do many mundane tasks on autopilot. In fact, our brain is so powerful our thinking can even go on autopilot without us realizing it.

Empowering Self Awareness is a large part of developing a positive attitude mindset and maintaining it. Grab our free course to get you on your way to reframing your mind to serve you better!

If our brain is set on autopilot for negative thinking it is going to keep searching for the negative things in our lives, no matter how small. This is often what happens when we have a “bad day” all the little things add up and our brain connects the dots. 

Here is another example of how our brain keeps gathering information. Have you ever noticed when you plan on buying a new car you start seeing the car everywhere you go, you notice ads for them and you hear conversations about them? This is your brain constantly on the lookout because it has taken that tidbit of information and is making you more aware of it in your surroundings.

The same thing happens with negative thinking and positive thinking.

In fact, negative thinking is so powerful that it can overrun a positive attitude much quicker than positive thinking overrunning a negative attitude.

Back to the bad day. The little trivial things become part of a bigger problem. Any good that has happened in between can be extinguished by the connection our mind is building. 

So where were we? Ah yes, 25000-50000 thoughts per day is a lot of thoughts! 

If all of those thoughts are negative thoughts, you might believe you won’t be able to get rid of them.

Enforce A Positive Attitude

Rest assured, it is extremely unlikely that all your thoughts are negative ones, but it is very possible that all your focus is directed on the negative ones so let’s look briefly on how to beat this.

This is my favourite thing to ask friends, family, clients and pretty much everyone I meet:

What if I told you all you had to do was change your mind?

Sounds too good to be true, right? It really is that simple. The key is to take back control of your mind.

You need to be hyperaware of what your mind is focusing on and when it heads down the negative path you need to stop it dead in its tracks, right then and there.

Awareness is the key to your future happy self, your future confident self, your future positive self, your future successful self. All your greatest “selves” start with awareness!

If you haven’t yet, check out our Complimentary empowering self-awareness course which focuses on raising awareness. This is a complimentary course I put together with video lessons and worksheets. I hope you truly find it to be the perfect helping tool in your positive attitude survival kit!

Once you catch yourself thinking negatively remove the negative thought and replace it with a positive one, it can be outlandish, it can be realistic, it can be a goal, it can be anything you want, as long as it is positive. 

Ex: The weather is miserable outside. Today is a great day to cozy up with a cup of tea at my desk or some hot chocolate by the fire.

See not too hard right? 

5 Tools For A Positive Attitude! #2 Enforce A Positive Attitude! See them all at livingabosslife.com #PositiveAttitude #PositiveThinking #NegativeThinking #GrowthMindset #Positivity #GratitudeJournal #Grounding #Happiness #Joy #Inspiration #BeatingAnxiety #Depression #PositiveAttitudeQuote #SelfCare

I absolutely love positive quotes and positive attitude/thinking articles to help inspire and invoke positivity. You can catch some positive quotes and articles here on the blog and on my Pinterest boards!

Here are a few of my favourite positive thinking articles I have written:

Every Positive Attitude Survival Kit Needs A Positivity List

When reading these articles and quotes what can you see that is positive for you? Write your favourite positive-attitude boosters down! Especially if it is hard for you to remember what makes you happy. Consider it your positive attitude survival kit cheatsheet and pull it out when you need it!

You can add things like quotes, activities, songs, books, ted talks, movies, comedians anything that reinforces that positive attitude you are growing.

Build your own positive attitude survival kit using these 5 tools to develop and maintain a positive thinking attitude. Say goodbye to negative thinking with the 5 tool positive attitude survival kit. #PositiveAttitude #PositiveThinking #NegativeThinking #GrowthMindset #Positivity #GratitudeJournal #Grounding #Happiness #Joy #Inspiration #BeatingAnxiety #Depression #PositiveAttitudeQuote #SelfCare

Remember that we are all unique and no two people will have a list that is the same. I think this is what makes it such an amazing tool in our positive attitude survival kit. What means nothing to one person, can mean the world to another.

If you are feeling creative turn your list into a scrapbook and add some images of people you love, people who inspire you, places that make you feel good etc. All great ideas for a vision board too!

Adding Happiness To Your Positive Attitude Survival Kit

Do something that makes you happy! Every damn day people! Be happy, do something that makes you happy even if it is freaking small, don’t miss that opportunity every day!

You Deserve Happiness Everyday!

Blast the tunes, go for a nature walk, whatever it is you love to do. Use all your senses to fully take it in. Focus on the feeling that it invokes in you!

Feel the beat of the music, sing along, become one with what you are doing. Let everything else go even for a few minutes.

Practice self-care and use relaxation to help ease stress and anxiety. You do not have to go go go all the time!

You deserve happiness everyday. If you are not giving yourself one happy moment a day you are not taking care of yourself. See these 5 tools to help you be the best you can be. For yourself! #SelfCare #PositiveAttitude #PositiveThinking #NegativeThinking #GrowthMindset #Positivity #GratitudeJournal #Grounding #Happiness #Joy #Inspiration #BeatingAnxiety #Depression 

I also like to add some happiness by saying gratitude affirmations every day. Writing in a gratitude journal is an amazing thing to do too.

Spreading happiness with acts of kindness can help not only help you feel good but others around you too!

I have my favourite quote hanging in my office where I can see it first thing every morning. I have added positive quotes throughout our home and recently bought a letter board too, I love it!

These are all things that make me feel happy, but I also must remember to focus on them not just glance at them. Really take a minute to let the words sink in and feel that happy.

Daydreaming My Way To A Positive Attitude

This is probably my favourite tool in the positive attitude survival kit. If you take one part of this kit with you, please let it be this.

I love using daydreams to embrace my positivity. I envision what my happy moment is and I get a sense of all the feelings right down to the butterflies in my tummy and the swelling of my heart. It is incredible! 

I use it as a form of grounding. The more you practice grounding the more powerful the feelings get and the more success you will have with it.

I don’t always think of a specific situation right down to the details but rather once I find a thought that made me feel empowered and joyous I let that feeling blossom in my heart. I focus on growing it, pretending it is a small little light glowing stronger and stronger. I allow myself to smile and sometimes I even get tears in my eyes. I may even give my shoulders a shrug and focus on letting the negativity flow out of me and relax my body.

Build your own positive attitude survival kit using these 5 tools to develop and maintain a positive thinking attitude. Say goodbye to negative thinking with the 5 tool positive attitude survival kit. #PositiveAttitude #PositiveThinking #NegativeThinking #GrowthMindset #Positivity #GratitudeJournal #Grounding #Happiness #Joy #Inspiration #BeatingAnxiety #Depression #PositiveAttitudeQuote #SelfCare

When we add physical elements in with our thinking it makes it, even more, stronger and more powerful. It tells our brain that we are acting at this moment and it takes notice.

When negative thinking comes on I focus on that positive feeling and I try to push myself into that engulfing positive attitude, positive mindset, my own little positivity bubble. It is not easy and I’m still working on it myself, I’m always growing my positive attitude. I believe you can not ever grow it too much and. to keep adding to it your entire lifetime.

I actually like to build my positive thinking bubble every single time I am doing something I love or talking about something I am passionate about. When the feelings are most intense it is easiest to grasp them and save them in your memory.

This technique has made the happy feeling I have created incredibly powerful. A perfect tool in my arsenal for those negative moments, another part of my positive attitude survival kit. 

It’s Your Turn To Build Your Positive Attitude Survival Kit

We covered a lot today so let’s go over it.

When building your positive attitude survival kit the very first step is getting to know and understand how our brains work. Once we can see how our brain works we can figure out how to help it work for us in a positive fashion rather than against us in a negative one.

The second tool in our positive thinking survival kit is to raise awareness of our thinking. Knowing our triggers and what those negative thoughts are, help us to say “hold the heck up, let’s take another look at this”. You can find an array of suggestions and tools here on the blog and in The Living A Boss Life Tribe Academy to help you with this.

Third we have the positive attitude survival kit list! Sometimes we need visuals to help us define and remember what keeps us happy and maintains our positive attitudes. Remember you can take it a step further and get creative with a scrapbook too!

Fourth in our survival kit, we have happiness. Allowing ourselves to find happiness every day is a form of self-care just as much as relaxation is. We owe it to ourselves to give back to our minds, body and soul. You deserve happiness every day so please ensure you do at least one thing that makes you happy and practise your gratitude for the small things you may overlook.

The fifth and final tool in our positive attitude survival kit is adding daydreaming in a unique grounding method. Our greatest thoughts come to us when we allow our brain to wander. When we start to find our mind filling with positive reinforcement (as it wanders that way) it is the perfect time to snatch it up and save it.

As you may have noticed this grounding method does not include a physical “touch” to generate it. The reasoning behind this is so that you can do it any time, anywhere without anyone taking notice. Which is perfect for when you are engulfed in a passionate conversation! This is my favourite tool and my most powerful one, I hope you give it at least a few tries.

Everything you need is inside of you! Happiness is inside of you, success is inside of you, clarity is inside of you, confidence is inside of. Everything is in you once. Change your mind to find your positive attitude and start living your best life!

Remember you can change your mind and have a more positive attitude! 

I love positivity chats so if you are struggling to find the bright side reach out to me and let’s get your positive attitude blossoming like vibrant spring flowers in May!

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

Living A Boss Life

Love Your Guts! Take care & Chat soon,

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

Jenn Summers

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