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Today, I want to share 4 things that you should STOP worrying about! Life is crazy enough as it is. These are 4 of the most common problems people need to stop worrying about ALLLLL the time! Especially when you are ready to start living in the moment and leaving the past behind you!

Worrying is a sure sign that you are not living in the moment.

Worry keeps you from seeing solutions and inhibits your ability to think outside of the box.

Worry keeps you stuck or stressed with FEAR!

There are some things you should stop worrying about or at least allow yourself to escape from and feel the good things happening around you. It is not always easy and sometimes it can be impossible but you can make changes to deal with them right away and refocus on the present.

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1. Stop Worrying About Bills. 

I’m not telling you to not think about them but I’m telling you that EVERYONE has bills and they will always be there and they will always keep coming.

When you want to live in the present and not take things for granted it can be a struggle. Make it easier and STOP worrying about thee 4 things!

Bills just happen to be a way of life and unless you have some secret way to diminish them from your life (if so share your secrets) you can’t ignore them or you will worsen the stress and the problem. 

So, how do you stop worrying about bills?

You need to come to a point where you accept them, make a plan and stop letting them run your life. Then you can truly enjoy the present life at hand.

Bills can really take control over your life if this is a  major struggle for you here are a few quick tips: 

  • Create a budget for yourself and stick to it.
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses.
  • Pay debts to family & friends first.
  • Keep up on loans & mortgage.

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2. Stop Worrying About Money. 

Money is definitely one of those things that puts a lot of stress on people. I can admit that most of the disagreements we have had in our 13-year relationship revolved around money.

My entire life growing up in a family where money was limited taught me to worry endlessly about money! 

It taught me to fight about money and it taught me “money did not grow on trees”. My money mindset was weak at best.

No good comes from worrying to the point where it begins to destroy you and those around you. Unfortunately, when you are not money savvy it is easy to fall into that trap.

Stop worrying about money so you can focus on the good things in life. 4 things to stop worrying about #2! #Positivity #EliminatingFear 

Rather than stress about money all day long trying to think of the good things that you enjoy in life. What makes you happy? What do you love to do?

If possible, find work or an extra source of income that you are passionate about and enjoy doing. Getting paid to do what you love is a really great feeling! 

Best of all, doing what you love is an amazing motivator to keep moving forward!

When money gets tight around here for an unseen reason and well you know it happens sometimes, this is what I do.

  • First I freak the fuck out (not recommended haha but I’m human)
  • I STOP! I literally tell my brain to stop worrying
  • I empty my thoughts
  • I take a deep breath 
  • I concentrate on a random calming thought
  • I sit perfectly still and calm the hell down
  • I brainstorm ideas of how I can make this work 
  • I make a plan, tell my hubby or a close friend for some accountability and a good healthy vent session.
  • then I try my hardest to put it aside and enjoy everything around me.

Is my plan perfect? No. 

Does my plan work? Yes, but sometimes I have to run through the steps a few times.

“Fear is actually an acronym for Fuck Everything And Run.” -Stephen King Stop Worrying About These 4 Things so you can stop living in fear and live in the present.

When we are overwhelmed with fear all we can focus on is the negative things that will possibly come from it.

Often times we get scared, overwhelmed, worried and shut down or as Stephen King says, “Fuck Everything And Run.” his acronym for FEAR.

This is not the best way to come up with a solution but unfortunately, it often takes coming to a breaking point for many people to start taking action on their goals!

3. Stop Worrying About The Past. 

Out of all the things we worry about the past is probably one of the most intrusive and the one we should worry about the least as much possible! 

Why? Because the past is not changeable. There is nothing you can do to change what has happened, what you did, what you didn’t do, who you hurt, who hurt you etc etc. The past is the past!

The definition for the past is: gone in time, no longer of existence. When you look at it that way it can help you realize it has no bearings over the present it no longer exists so stop worrying and allowing it to exist in your mind!

You can't change wha happened yesterday, but you can change who you are today -Jenn summers Quote Stop Worrying About These 4 Things to start living the life you want in the moment now! #Quotes #InspirationalQuotes #PositivityQuotes #QuotesToLiveBy #StopWorrying #BePresent

When we strive to live in the moment we must remember that we choose how we feel and we choose how we react.

We can only control ourselves and we can not control past actions. But we can learn from them and use them to reassess the present and the future.

Forgive yourself and wake up every morning building the new you. You can’t change what happened yesterday but you can change who you are today!

Find the positive in the past experience and lay it to rest.

Stop Worrying About These 4 Things! 1 BPEAffiliateGraphics2020 2 Living A Boss Life When you want to live in the present and not take things for granted it can be a struggle. Make it easier and STOP worrying about thee 4 things!

4. Stop Worrying About The Haters. 

Not everyone is going to love you and not everyone is kind out there. There is always going to be someone wanting to shit on your parade for whatever reason.

The thing is when you start doing amazing things people take notice, and sometimes those people want to bring you down. For whatever reason who knows, we are not here to make speculations. We are here to acknowledge what other people think of you is not your problem. Shake it off!

I used to allow the haters to hold me back, fear of speaking my mind, fear of putting myself out there. The hater’s voice was so loud and sometimes they made it inside my own head. They destroyed my confidence and before I knew it I had lost myself.

It is a lot of work to come back from that dark place so instead, try not to let yourself get stuck there.

But if you find yourself stuck with their voices trapped in your head I would love to help you break free. Here are some resources for you to check out:

Try to think of the haters hating on you in a flattering way, “I must be moving mountains for them to take notice”, remind yourself that it does not matter what others say or do, you control your thoughts, you control your feelings. In short, stop worrying about what other people think!

Control them well and forget about the things you can not control!

Focus on being kind, doing unto others what you would have to be done unto you. 

Be kind. 

Be compassionate. 

Be thoughtful. 

Be Mindful.

You Have Totally Got This!

You Have Totally Got This! -Jenn Summers Stop worrying about the haters and remember it means You have totally got this! #Quotes #InspirationalQuotes #PositiveQuotes #YouGotThis #SelfEsteem

4 Things To Stop Worrying About Conclusion

How are you feeling? Were you able to take some of this post and figure out how to stop worrying about bills, money, the past or the haters?

Life is short and we often take it for granted. Living in the present and making the most out of each and every day is essential. We need to choose to be happy now, we can’t wait for all the stars to align.

When you are able to create your happiness in your life starting today with living in the present your whole world will begin to change. You will start to recognize the little things in life that truly make up the big things in life.

Don’t wait a moment more. Be happy, be confident, be the best you that you can be. Live every day like it were your last and stop worrying about things you have no control over!

Take care & chat soon;

Jenn Summers

Living A Boss Life

Take care and chat soon;

Jenn Summers

Living A Boss Life

Living A Boss Life Coaching with Jenn Summers. Positive Mental Health & Personal Development 

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