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Back To School 2020- NOT A NORMAL Year

As we look towards back to school 2020 we are faced with some tough decisions and not everyone can seem to agree. What no one wants to talk about this not-so-normal year.

I was writing my weekly newsletter today, which was about controlling worries and I found myself opening up about my struggle with Back to School 2020 and how it is not a normal year which in turn gives us some not-so-normal feelings. I feel so strongly about opening up communication about this that I want […]

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Is FEAR & ANXIETY Consuming You?

Is Fear, Anxiety & Overwhelm Consuming You? The world has been faced by a pandemic that has invoked fear, anxiety and overwhelms in millions of people around the world. Learn how to control these emotions and fight back!

Hey there, welcome to Living A Boss Life, I’m Jenn Summers. As a coach, I focus on mindset and how it attributes to everything we do. I have coined the term COVID-19 FEAR Pandemic for the purpose of explaining how people’s reactions are worsening the situation. And why we need to fight the fear pandemic […]

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