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Helping Empower Women With Confidence, Clarity & Discovery

Are You Ready To Take Your Confidence To The Next Level?

The Confidence Builder Workbook & Guide. It's time to do something for you! If you feel like you have lost your confidence, your clarity and are ready to start rediscover your purpose take action now and get the first step to control of your mindset!

NEW & IMPROVED! I listened to you wonderful peeps and using your feedback I have added 12 more pages of instruction and powerful strategies to help you gain more clarity on confidence. 

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The Confidence Builder Workbook & Guide is a beautiful 32 page instructional workbook to help you decipher for your negative self-image, negative thinking and your fixed mindset and begin the transition to becoming an Empowered Confident Woman

Not only do you get this amazing workbook but you also get my full support via email and messenger. 

You also get one additional FREE one-on-one call with me, your personal goal strategist life coach!

Whenever the workbook & guide is updated you get a copy to the new and improved version! Be sure to check out all the extras too!

Jenn Summers Logo Living A Boss Life Confidence, Clarity & Discovery!

Hi, I’m Jenn Summers!

I’m a goal strategist life coach who helps empower women through building confidence, finding clarity and (re)discovering their happiness.

I personally have struggled with confidence, lost my clarity on life and was living in the day to day without feeling joy.

My mission is to rebuild myself and help others along the way!

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Are you ready to start living your life with confidence?

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The Confidence Builder!

Are you ready to take your confidence to the next level?

The Confidence Builder Workbook & Guide Is Designed To Help You Assess Who You Are And Who You Want to Be!

Let’s Build Your Confidence Together!

Get The Confidence Builder Workbook today for only $9.97!

Hi there, I'm Jenn!

I believe confidence is the foundation to success!

For years I put my dreams and my goals on the back burner so I could focus on my family and everyone else’s needs. 

By doing this I lost my identity!

Little did I know I had a fear of success that held me back from giving it my all. AND I lacked the confidence to move forward and step out of my comfort zone.

I made a decision to change my mind and in turn it changed my life!

Hey there, I'm Jenn I'm a goal strategist life coach who helps women build confidence, find clarity and (re)discover themselves.

I want you to discover if confidence is your # 1 obstacle.

One of the most common things women struggle with is knowing how to be confident. It is a struggle we all have faced form one time or another.

A lack of confidence can hinder your success, your personal relationships and your ability to be productive.

I truly believe that confidence is the solution to all the goals you strive for.

What most people do not realize is that confidence truly is the first step of all things goal-related, success-related and happiness-related.

Without confidence, it is impossible to find clarity and clarity is essential to discovering your purpose, your passion.

Our 3 Core Elements Philosophy: Confidence, Clarity and Discovery!

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