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Today we have guest blogger and life coach Morgan Fitchett from The Veg Query. Morgan offers goal-focused coaching to women looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle or simply incorporate more plant-based eating in their lives. 

Thank you, Morgan, for sharing your views on veganism and female empowerment with the audience here. I’m very excited to have you guest post ad give a different perspective to our audience. Without further ado:

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Veganism & Female Empowerment

Guest blogger Morgan Fitchett from The Veg Query is a vegan life and wellness coach. Today she shares her views on veganism and female empowerment.

Veganism and female empowerment are intertwined. This statement may seem a little off base at first, but I can assure you – there is more to this than what you eat. 

What is Female Empowerment? 

Female empowerment is about changing the systems, institutions, and mindsets surrounding sex, power and social order. It’s about women becoming confident, strong and being in control of their choices and decisions – without the influence or permission of others.

How do Women become Empowered?

The first step to female empowerment is education, literacy, and awareness. But what about the women that already have that? What is next? 

There can be many hurdles women face daily, at home, in the workplace, and in social settings. It’s not easy to escape the stereotypes and cultural expectations that follow us. 

Even the most advantaged women can have trouble speaking out or standing up for themselves.

Many don’t want to push against the system and be seen as problematic. Or else be labelled “bitchy,” “hard to get along with,” or “aggressive.”

So what does Veganism have to do with all this?

Well, veganism is an animal rights movement. Arguably, animals are some of the most disadvantaged and exploited beings on this planet. 

Sometimes it can be easier to stand up and fight for the rights of others before our own. Having someone that you can defend – with as little as a diet change is a cause women connect with – 75% of vegans are women. It is a women-centred movement. You might be thinking, well, why is that? 

75% of vegans are women. It is a women-centred movement.

Women tend to use avoidance to cope when something doesn’t sit right. They’ll pretend like the problem isn’t there. But when women are not able to use avoidance as a coping mechanism, they adjust their behaviour to be more in line with their beliefs. Comparatively, men just dig their heels in harder – right or wrong.

This is why so many women go vegan – when women are faced with the realities of animal agriculture, they are forced to change their behaviour. We are able to take in the information and view it and ourselves critically. That is an ability that will serve us on the journey to empowerment.

Women tend to be empathetic, but mothers may feel this even more. We empathize with the injustice done to dairy cows and egg-laying chickens. They have their young taken from them shortly after birth and, in most cases, disposed of as waste.

These are female reproductive systems being exploited; these are mothers, these are children. Their value is based on not who they are but what they can do. Women connect with this. It enrages us, and it empowers us. 

.. seeing the other not as a creature with desires and liberties, but as a tool, an object. The woman is measured by the value the man gets out of her, the animal is measured according to the value humans get out of it,

Shera Hertzano (Feminist & Activist) 

Women know what it is like to be held hostage by male dominance. Meat being a sign of masculinity, is easily rejected by women. We are not tied to the concepts of meat and manhood. We connect with the cause and propel it forward.

We are all of value. Guest blogger Morgan Fitchett from The Veg Query is a vegan life and wellness coach. Today she shares her views on veganism and female empowerment.

Everyone supports animal rights, but what species you include in those rights and protections will vary according to culture and country. It can no longer be avoided or ignored. You are no longer in conflict with what you believe. You are protecting and valuing all equally.

When you bring everything within your life into alignment, your internal guidance system is no longer in conflict. You are no longer using avoidance to cope. This head-on attitude drips into other aspects of your life.

This empowerment and unapologetic need to step in for those who have no voice fuels our interest in other areas: feminism, environmentalism, poverty and more.

there is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives

Audre Lorde (self-described black woman, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet)

The act of going vegan itself is an act of defiance. It takes grit to say, “I won’t eat that.” We are forced out of our comfort zones. We have found a cause that we believe in strongly, and we are unapologetic in our position. 

Your Change in Mindset

The idea of standing up for ourselves begins to come without question and ease. You become more self-aware. You know what really matters – your freedom, your life and your journey. When we extend our compassion to the weakest, we tend to extend compassion to ourselves. 

Freedom. Life. Journey. Guest blogger Morgan Fitchett from The Veg Query is a vegan life and wellness coach. Today she shares her views on veganism and female empowerment.

Self-awareness, self-worth and confidence are the first steps to true empowerment. We spoke earlier about education; veganism is an education on our food systems, the environment, and how we treat the most disadvantaged. 

You have found a purpose and an increased sense of clarity. You’ve created a stronger guidance system, and this system plays into how you view the rest of the world. If the animals are valuable and worthy of defence, why aren’t women? And most importantly, why aren’t you?

You begin to become more critical of what you allow to enter into your life – of what you allow to enter into your reality. You become unstoppable, enlightened, recharged and invigorated. 

Being aware of your inner voice and listening to it is essential to crafting the life of your dreams.

It becomes the start of finding your identity and true purpose. I can tell you that your purpose isn’t hiding meekly in a corner or allowing others to dictate your life and values. Take charge. 

The Path to Empowerment

You are the master of your mind. How you absorb, process and use information determines your reality. If you believe you are weak, not of value, or not worthy – the way that you act and present yourself will follow. 

If you believe that you have value, that there are causes worth standing up for, and that you have the power to do anything – you will project that and make decisions in your life accordingly. 

Veganism highlights that we are all of value.

This is not an issue of species but of the right to live free of oppression—the right to choose your path and go boldly forward.

Sometimes we need a little practice to get there or a cause to fuel our fire. The first step to empowerment starts with you – whether you focus that energy inside or on a worthy cause. Know you are a woman of worth, and you have the power to shift your life – no matter where your startline is. 

By Morgan Fitchett

The Veg Query

About The Author

Guest blogger Morgan Fitchett from The Veg Query is a vegan life and wellness coach. Today she shares her views on veganism and female empowerment.

Morgan Fitchett is a Vegan Life & Wellness Coach and the owner of The Veg Query.

She is passionate about the benefits of veganism and has been vegan since 2013.

Morgan frees women from their limiting beliefs surrounding food, mindset and self-worth through the adoption of a vegan lifestyle. You can find her at thevegquery.com or The Veg Query on Facebook!

Guest blogger Morgan Fitchett from The Veg Query is a vegan life and wellness coach. Today she shares her views on veganism and female empowerment.

Thank you, Morgan, for sharing your perspective of Female Empowerment & Veganism!

I’m honoured to have had Morgan come and share her thoughts with all of you today from a perspective that I’m not familiar with. Knowledge is power!

Thank you so much, Morgan, for sharing this amazing collaboration of your thoughts and ideas! Absolutely amazing, so glad to have had you and hope we can keep in touch for some future collaborations perhaps.

Jenn Summer

Living A Boss Life

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